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Horse Scout Real: Shaun Mandy



With the summer season quickly approaching, we caught up with Horse Scout Advocate and Dressage rider Shaun Mandy to find out what his plans are for the year ahead. We found out why he says putting the work in at home is so vital to getting the results in the ring and received some useful tips to help you achieve your 2020 goals.


Shaun as a coach, offers his clients a bespoke and professional coaching system to work with horses and riders of any level to help them achieve their objectives across multi-disciplines. No two horses or riders are the same, so he works on a flexible approach, tailor-made to suit both horse and rider. He is doing his British Dressage Level 2 in coaching this year followed by Level 3.



What are your main goals and ambitions for 2020?

My ultimate goal for 2020 would be to get onto the Grand Prix circuit. However, I have yet to sit down with the calendar and plan shows for this year. I will be going to the premiere leagues and high profile shows, but I will be more focused on securing the work and getting the training time in at home. My horse will be stepping up a level this year, so it is important to concentrate on his way of going at home and executing the movements to the best of our ability. This way, we will be able to confidently progress to Grand Prix throughout the year, hopefully resulting in getting the judges scores in the ring. In order to achieve this, I will set lots of shorter term, more achievable goals throughout the year. I will be judging how my horse is coping with these goals, and once I am happy with how he is going, look towards the next.



Tell us a bit more about your top horse…

My top horse, Euphoria E, is a lovely gelding by Carl Hester’s Uthopia out of a Sandro Hit mare. I acquired the ride on him as a six year old competing at Elementary level before later buying him. I currently have a small syndicate of owners for him and would be looking for a couple of new owners this year. Over the past five years I have produced him through the levels, this year we will be competing at Inter II and hopefully Grand Prix. He is the first horse that I will have produced through the levels and I am so grateful for the experience I have gained through training the horse myself. Yes, it would have been lovely to have been given a ready-made Grand Prix horse to ride, but although it has been challenging, I have come to appreciate the journey for what it has taught me. Saying that, all progress has been solely thanks to the fantastic training I have received from my coaches. Euphoria has been a real learning curve to produce. He is a lovely gentle horse who you would never want to shout at due to his shy character. He is, however, a bit of a silent stressor so I have had to really focus on quietly and confidently bringing him on, knowing that his talent may not have always been reflected in his scores as a young horse. Over the past year or so as he has started to step up to a higher level and has really started to come into his own as if to say, ‘I have arrived, this is what I have been waiting for’.





What would you say your career highlight has been to date?

I’m sure so many riders would have highlights that are purely results based, but for me, my career highlight has to be getting into Carl Hester’s Diary to train! Learning from the best riders possible has always been so important to me and Carl is someone that I have always longed to train with. I am extremely lucky to be able to learn from a rider of his calibre, as I feel that studying other riders and absorbing their knowledge is the only way you can improve, and who better to learn from then Carl himself? I am also incredibly lucky to be based with Matt Hicks and also train with him on a weekly basis, he has been fantastic and has really helped me to get to the level I am at today.



Do you have any top tips for training your horse?

1 – Patience is key! Never lose your temper with your horse, if he doesn’t understand what you are asking of him, think to yourself ‘How can I re-word this to help him understand what I want.’ If you find yourself getting frustrated, just jump off and put your horse back in his stable, there is no harm in coming back with a fresh approach the following day.


2 – Education, find a good trainer and put the work in at home. There is no rush to get out to a show, get your foundations right and build on them.


3 – Stay humble. Never think you know it all, there is always something you can improve on or try to work on at home. I remember when I first left home to train in Denmark, I honestly thought I was a decent rider. I had a real shock when I got there and saw how talented the other riders were and thought I can’t ride at all! But I think it was at this point that I realised that these riders that I am looking up to, will have other riders that they aspire to ride as well as and so on. I learnt how important it is to get your head down and keep learning your craft. Training is still so vital to me now, but it’s not only at home you can pick new things up, sometimes I’m in the collecting ring and see another rider warming their horse in and think, I need to try that!



Is there any horse that you wish you had in your stable?

There are the obvious greats like Valegro, I doubt there is a dressage rider in the world who wouldn’t love to ride a horse like that. But I honestly feel that every horse comes to you exactly the right time for you. I don’t think I would trade my horse for another at all. The journey that we have been on and everything that he has taught me, this has made me the rider I am today.



How important is training to you?

I can’t stress enough how quality coaching and training is key to progressing as a rider. The training that I have had along the way with Matt and now Carl has really developed and formed me not only into the rider that I am but also the trainer. It’s given me the tools in my kit to use and help others. The more that I can evolve as a rider and understand the sport, the more I can pass my knowledge on to those that I teach. My training hasn’t stopped just because I have got to Grand Prix level, if anything, I am now training harder than I ever have done before, it really is a never-ending cycle. Stay humble, stay focused on your goals and constantly learn from one another.


Riding tools and tips from our professionals


One major riding tool your trainer is trying to teach you


Hi, I’m Stephen Hayes, FEI Dressage Rider and trainer from Great Britain, based in New York and Florida, USA. This is an article I’ve felt brewing for a while now, having taught many clinics around the world I feel like I’ve had a really good share of many different types rider, there is the brave and bold, the shy and timid, the rider that has a little devil on their shoulder constantly tearing them apart, the rider who attends my clinic already knowing everything there is to know about Dressage (even the best of the best will admit there is lifetimes of more knowledge to be learnt), there are the diamonds in the rough, the adult amateurs who put their heart and soul into every second in the saddle, the die hard professionals, riders triple my age and being an amazing role model. There isn’t a day that I’m not trying to improve my teaching style and methods, but there is always a couple of subjects which replay time after time in each clinic. Here is just one!‘BUT IM NOT SUPPOSED TO USE MY INSIDE REIN? I FEEL LIKE IM BEING ROUGH WITH MY HANDS, AM I PULLING HIM? I NEED TO BE LIGHTER WITH MY HANDS, BUT I CANT GET HIM ROUND ENOUGH HE’S TOO STRONG’Then I go on to explain the followingContact is such a massive and wide ranging word in dressage, and that’s why Dressage is so beneficial to all Equestrian sports. Contact is such an important and beautiful aid that many riders are not taking full advantage of or on the other hand abusing. Contact is very similar to a loaded gun, used correctly and in a positive and productive way it’s a VERY useful tool. Used in a negative way, then a loaded gun is no longer a useful tool. I’m sure we have all seen a situation where the contact is being abused, that’s easy to notice, but I’m going to talk about the opposite end of the scale, which are much more humane scenarios to the horse, but are still not beneficial to the horses physical and mental well being as the rider is still not truly connecting with their horse through the reins.

I have seen riders so brainwashed to avoid using their inside rein that their literally riding around the arena in constant counter flexion. A riders inside leg absolutely creates bend but if your not at all touching your inside rein… ever… Then how the hell can we expect the horse to be truly flexed around a circle/pirouette/half-pass the list goes on. The inside rein is an ingredient that you NEED, direct the neck to correct flexion, and let your inside leg be a boundary like he’s walking around a lamp post, use the inside rein in conjunction with your inside leg and outside half halt. It’s a balancing act of the three aids. Of course don’t abuse the inside rein but certainly don’t avoid it altogether.

There is SO much to cover on contact, I could have you here all day but one last thing. Giving and taking of the reins, the whole concept of a release of a particular rein or both is a reward. I see people giving and taking every milli second. Do you give your dog a treat if he’s dragging you around the park? Do you give your dog a treat if he’s jumping up at you if your asking him to sit? Are you feeding your dog a treat every second as he’s sitting down or do you let him sit and wait there are few moments till he’s earned the reward. You see where I’m going with this?

​You are your horses teacher, the ‘give’ is when your horse has yielded to the contact and is chewing and suckling the bit. Not when he’s ripping your shoulders out their sockets. That’s not to say Im asking my riders to stay on the end of the rein like a brick house, of course not, you have to be productive. I want my riders massaging and manipulating the corners/bars of the horses mouth through a consistent contact, until the horse decides to unlock and let go of his jaw/poll/neck while moving forwards and sideways from his riders leg aids. That is then your window to reward, he’s going to love the feeling of being relaxed and loose in his poll, throat lash area and neck, thousands of endorphins are being released while doing so, and in return you push forward your hands from his wither for a moment. That’s the real idea of a give. That’s how he will learn to want to soften to your hands, he’ll eventually understand that your hand is guiding him to a better place, now your hand has become a friend, and it’s being productive to your horses mindset. He will no doubt begin to follow your lead. Unfortunately horses don’t read a book at night on ‘how to become more supple’ they have NO idea unless we show them the way, and one way in conjunction with other aspects is through your HANDS. So don’t be afraid of the contact, it’s a beautiful thing once being used correctly.

Written by Stephen Hayes
Photo credits Amanda Diefenbach
Stephen Hayes riding Alfonso owned by Caroline McConnel

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Licenced AES Stallion Footloose LG

AES Licensed Stallion Footloose LG


 AES Licensed Stallion Footloose LG is the perfect choice as an improver stallion particularly for eventing or showjumping.  He has great genetics on both his sire (Numero Uno) and his dam (Ushi Picciano) sides with Keur and St Pref gradings featuring heavily on both sides.

Licensed with the Anglo European StudbookFootloose is a stallion with the right genetics for the future of British Breeding

Footloose is well built with powerful hindquarters offering exceptional hip hock alignment giving him a strong and powerful hind leg action, his sire, Numero Uno, gained a 9 for his explosive take off at his grading. For breeders looking for a stallion to bring quality, temperament and innate jumping ability along with an injection of TB quality (vvv Lady KillerXX) this lovely sports horse stallion has to be a good choice.

His Sire Numero Uno (Libero H v Langraf 1) has bred a prolific number of proven performance horses, mostly in show jumping but also in the other disciplines and has earned himself Keur rating in the KWPN Studbook with a breeding value in the 140’s (NL) scoring 97% reliability as a jumping stallion for the last two years and consistently in the mid to high 90’s since 2009 as a jumping stallion and was judged as an excellent jumper with a good potential for dressage. Numero Uno’s progeny have been judged at grading shows as having well made rectangular bodies with long necks which are well muscled a steep jumping shoulder and excellent jumping hind legs. Their conformation allowing flexibility, strength and agility.  In 2013 WBSFH Numero Uno was in the top ten rankings for Show Jumping Sires along with Baboulet De  Rouet, Kannan,Coronet Obolensky, Diament de Semilly and Contendro 1 all also listed on the Stallion listings on Horse Scouts Website and also with information and reviews on our Blog.

Footloose’s dam line is also impressive Ushi Picciana is a Keur Mare with by Royal Bravoir (another horse with a high jumping breeding coefficient) who was, himself, a grand prix show jumper breeding an impressive number of jumpers (including Ushi Picciana). Ushi Picciana x Daisy, a state premium Keur mare, who bred 7 offspring including grand prix jumper Tatum and Arriba, both also Keur mares.

This handsome well made stallion is, of course,  still young and it will be interesting to see his career unfold.  Horse Scout is pleased to have this useful stallion profiled on its web site.  To connect with LG Sports horses or to link through to the  AES Licensed  Stallion Footloose LG please use this link.

Coloured Riding Horse Stallion Country Top Dollar

Coloured Riding Horse Stallion: Country Top Dollar


 Coloured Riding Horse Stallion: Country Top Dollar is aptly named. He is an elegant, eye catching, coloured stallion who exemplifies the term Riding Horse.


Son of the Elite graded CHAPS sports horse Country Top Gun he has excelled in so many spheres of competitive ridden equestrian sports and Country Farm Stud believe he is the only coloured horse to be Elite Graded for both Dressage and Showing in the UK.

His Dam Pendragons’ Bay (1/2 TB) also foaled the Bay AES Stallion Simbas’ Pride, with substantial BSJA winnings, who was picked or the Spanish Young riders Show Jumping team, a successful finalist for Young Event Horse and a champion in the show ring.


How to judge a Riding Horse Stallion? – Results across the board.


As a young competition horse Country Loan ranger was campaigned under BSJA rules and proved a careful horse capable of consistent double clears. However it was in the dressage arena that his elegance, clear and precise paces and steadfast temperament won the day.

He was Dressage Champion at CHAPS Championships and at the festival of Champions in ’06. Throughout his four year career under British Dressage Rules, it was only on a rare occasion that he did not take home points in his purse. In 2009 he hung his competitive spurs up bowing out very gracefully with marks upwards of 70% at Medium and Elementary levels. Counrty Top Dollar has accumulated a very substantial 200 British Dressage points.


Newly backed as a 4yr (& 5yr ) old he qualified for the Potential Sports Horse Championships. The Show Ring where his laid back temperament , Balanced ride and impeccable manners make him reliable whatever the atmosphere, wherever he may be. Rarely out of the top three he has numerous Royal International Horse Show and Horse Of the Year Show tickets as well as many many Championships taking the ribbons at the UK’s most prestigious County and national Shows consistently from 2006 to 2010 when he took the Performance Champion, Reserve Ridden Champion & Reserve Combine Training Champion and was placed 10th at HOYS 2010 (in his 10th year!) The 2nd highest placed Riding Horse Type that year.


This 16.2hh Bay Tobiano Coloured Riding Horse Stallion has a profile on Horse Scout Stallion Listings. For breeders looking for a general purpose quality Riding Horse Stallion,; Country Top Dollar has, to date, had over 90% coloured foals to plain mares and his foals certainly inherit his elegance, movement and temperament.

Woodlander Summertime Blues

UK Hanoverian Stallion: Woodlander Summertime Blues


If you a re looking for a future star then  UK Graded UK Hanoverian Stallion Woodlander Summertime Blues  should be top of your list

Woodlander Summertime Blues was the top 2 year old dressage horse at the British Breeding Futurity in 2014 and has also been graded with both the German and UK Hanoverian Societies and with the WBS-Uk.

I am looking forward to seeing him mature, some tension during his stallion show was evident but the judges still praised him for his great power and long lines he shows all the elasticity and expression that the judges look for. His natural elevation can be seen in his trot and he will only improve on this with training under saddle. Lynne Chapman says he also has a super canter, which is going to prove invaluable in a horse with this lovely confirmation. At his Hanoverian grading the Judge, Dr Christmann, said of this eye catching black 16.3hh Stallion that “…he was the image of his great grand dam, the mare St Pr Pikantje who was German National Champion under saddle.

Woodlander Summertime Blues’ Sire, Spörcken, was the highest priced stallion at the 2010 verden Auctions, and deservedly so. An exceptionally elegant uphill and powerful horse with an beautiful trot. His well made shoulder and forearm allowing the coveted forward, elevated and elegant gait so coveted in the dressage arena. Spörcken Is by the world famous Sir Donnerhall, himself a successful performance horse, he is sire of an impressive list of Bundeschampion offspring,. Sir Donnerhall was the five year old world champion dressage horse, with 89 licenced stallions by him and 80 state premium registered mares to his record.

La Beale Isoud,Spörckens’ dam Sire is by Lauries Crusador xx a had success on the British racing Circuit was a Hanoverian State Stallion for 23 years. He sired 2,713 foals of which 264 mares became state premium and 55 sons were licensed.

Woodlander Summertime Blues’ Dam Moulin Rouge Daughter of Alabama who also bred The licensed WSBS graded stallion Santana. The Graded Warmblood Breeders Studbook stallion for 2009 bred at Woodlander Stud and now standing for the Trevoulter Barton Stud

Dam Sire is the tall Elegant Grand Prix Stallion (2xBundecshampionat Finalist ) Margue Hwho has a high percentage of TB in his breeding through his sire the Anglo Arab Mont Du Chantal with Florestan ii, through Mon Fleury, boosting his great modern shape., he has Cardinal XX on his Dams side. Standing for Sue Carson (Saddles) List 1 British dressage Judge, who says “…he is a powerful, handsome and willing ride” from whom his delighted owner claims, she has learnt a huge amount. Margue H Progeny are now making headlines at Grand Prix with Mystery (by Margue H x Delano) ridden by the Polish rider Zaneta Skowronska on the podium at the 2014 CDI Radzionkow on home territory.

Woodlander Summertime Blues is definitely a star of the future,  a young stallion waiting in the wings. To find out more about Woodlander Stud and Woodlander Summertime Blues visit www.horsescout.co.uk

This Uk Hanoverian Stallion Woodlander Summertime Blues has his own stallion profile page on the Horse scout website.


Catherston Dazzler, British Sports Horse Stallion

British Sports Horse Stallion: Catherston Dazzler


Catherston Studs British Sports Horse Stallion Catherston Dazzler puts a sparkle in the eye of serious breeders

British Sports Horse Stallion Catherston Dazzler a Dual Purpose Improver Stallion with toughness, stamina and jump’ability, presence and grace built in, has Frozen Semen available to slected mares worldwide. He stood a good 16.1hh was and a traditional solid dark bay.

Catherston Dazzler a World Ranked British Sports Horse Stallion

In 2000 Catherston Dazzler was ranked 6th in the World Breeding Federation ranks. A leading WBF Ranked Stallion and held the record as the youngest stallion with the most proven performance horses competing. Today five years on he is still considered one of the Event worlds most serious breeding assets. His eventing  progeny are now competing on the Olympic Stage and are themselves internationally recognised competing Sydney Olympics, Badminton, Burghley and Rome in 2000 and this earned  him a life time achievement award in 202 from the supporters of British Breeding

Catherston Dazzler was by The Catherston Studs’ Foundation Stallion Dutch Courage Jennie Loriston Clarkes Bronze Medal Winning Olympic Dressage Ride out of Welton Gazelle, an advanced Event mare. Welton Gazelle is the dam of Summersong (Marie Christine Duroys’ Bedminton ride who stands in France). Catherston Dazzlers Progeny sire of some very successful event horses.

The list of British Sports Horses that he sired is impressive.

Catherston Dazzler is the Sire of:

Hyde Park Corner – 9th Individual Sydney Olympics 2000. 4th Fairhill 3 Day Event USA. Exported.

Broadstone Harvest Moon Winner Radnor 3 Day Event, USA International 3 Day Eventer

Leading Edge Team Gold and 4th Individual in Rome 2000. Member of the Young Riders European Squad 2000.

187 points, 1st Hopton Court AI, 3rd Peper Harrow, 5th Tidworth OI, 13th, 17th Osberton.

Benridge Sparkler 140 BD points, 77 BE and £25 BSJA.

128 BE points.

La Sylphide £1,243 BSJA winnings.

Indica Dazzler 4th Dutch National Dressage Championships 1994.

*** – Dazzling Effects, Midnight Dazzler

* – Burgie

Advanced – Faerie Dazzler Sir Lancelot,  Lady Guinevere

Eventers Dazzling Light  Snow, Dazzler , Sun Dazzler

Dual Purpose horse Razzle Dazzle 41 BE points, 33 BD points.

Show Jumper Daninos with  £2,300 winnings BSJA.

Not only was Catherston Dazzler a Grand Prix Dressage Horse but he was also a proven Event Horse and won other important championships such as the best potential competition horse championships.  This stallion shows everything that is best about the British Sports Horse breeding Program.

Graded BSHR No 3 SHB – GB Graded NTR 30167 BHD No 10

You can find Catherston Dazzlers Pedigree and details on the Horse Scout Web Site, along with details of other stallions standing at the Catherston Stud

Catherston Dazzler – Catherston Stud Stockbridge, Hampshire



Jennie Loriston Clarke profiled professional rider on Horse Socut

Jennie Loriston Clarke: Profiled Professional Rider


Horse Scout Profiled Professional rider: Jennie Loriston-Clarke MBE, FBHS, NPSD: an Icon of British Equestrianism.

A guru, an inspiration and an aspiration to so many in her long career, a main stay of the horse world.  From serious professional to grass roots riders confidence is given by her presence on so many committees. She has now stepped down as Chair of British Dressage after seven years at the helm but remains a key player on so many others. Her advice and expertise is a sought after commodity in so many areas of the equestrian industry. She has recently re editioned her book Lunging and Long reining – one of the most comprehensive “how to” guides I think I have ever read. Every eventuality and horse language nuance is covered, and obviously written by drawing on her deep knowledge gained through hands on experiences over her 45 year career at the top of her game. She has also written three other really helpful and informative books. The Illustrated Guide to Dressage, Young Horse Breaking and Training and also a Complete Guide To Dressage. She also has a “Successful Dressage” Series out on DVD.


Biography of Jennie Loriston Clarke

Virtually born in a saddle her Brother, Michael Bullen, and sister, Jane (nee Bullen) Holderness Rodden, where also international and Olympic Riders who represented Great Britain successfully on the Eventing Teams. Another sister, Sarah, famously featured in international Velvet (as Beth). A film which also featured Jane as “a rider”. Her Mother Anne Bullen, who was an accomplished Artist/Illustrator, founded the Catherston Stud in 1949,would often paint her (six) children and their ponies. Jennie Loriston Clark commented in an Horse and Hound interview that she “was not sure if her mother ever slept”!


Jennie Loriston Clarke has, herself, represented Great Britain on Olympic Teams four times, her first at the age of 29 at the Munchen Games riding Kadett who she also took to the Montreal Games. Her next Olympic ride was on Prince Consort in the Los Angeles Olympics of 1984 followed four years later with the incredible Dutch Gold on whom she won a Bronze Medal at the World Games. She followed Dutch Gold with Dutch Courage who she trainer herself from the age of three, who came over from Holland. Initially he was a very difficult ride but with Jennies’ patience he proved himself and was then put to stud. Stamping his stock well and becoming a key foundation of the Catherston Stud.


Jennie Loriston Clarkes’ famous career with these successful horses has undoubtedly benefitted from her wide experience in the other disciplines. She has ridden Point to Point, evented, shown hunters…. The list is possibly endless.


Jennie has now handed the reins of Catherston Stud to her Daughter Anne Dicker and her husband Brian, took over in 2011 and moved their staff with them to Catherston Stud from Hurstbourne Equestrain Centre which they had established in 2001.

Jennie is still a large presence in the breeding world. Jennie was the first Briton to be invited to Judge the World Breeding Championships in Verden she has stood as judge for World Cup Dressage Qualifiers and was on the jury at the Finals in Amsterdam in 2005 and is an Evaluator for the British Equestrian Federations Futurity Scheme which evaluates Britain’s potential performance horses as foals, yearlings and three year olds awarding points which then indicate the likely performance careers. An elite premium indicates that the horse has the potential and outlook to perform at international level.


Sought after as a panel judge Jennie still judges at events, and shows and is invited to speak all over the world. Jennie Lorsiton Clark is a Profiled Professional Rider on Horse Scout and you can use this link to find out more about her and also to follow her.


We have several blogs on the Catherson horses

Breeding performance Horses: Catherston Springsteen

News Update from the Catherston Stud at the beginning of the breeding season

A short piece of Timolin their star stallion 

A review of Event Breeding Bloodlines 


Photograph by Bob Langrish

Dressage Trainer Nicola Buchanan

Horse Scout profiled Professional Dressage Trainers : Nicola Buchanan


Wishing Horse Scout Profiled Dressage Trainer and rider Nicola Buchanan all the best for Hartpury Festival of Dressage (9th-12th July 2015)

Reviewing Horse Scouts’ Profiled Professional Dressage trainers.

Horse Scout Profiled FEI World ranked International Dressage Rider (and trainer) Nicola Buchanan is set to thrill us at the Hartpury Festival of Dressage this weekend with her own Don Corleone VH Scheefkastee and the Horse Scout Team are wishing her the very best for her ride.

Last year at the Hartpury Festival of Dressage Nichola Buchanan (nee Joudain) was delighted with her ride Don Corleone VH Scheefkastee when competing at Hartpury last year in the CDI3* Grand Prix  and taking a very respectable score to 5th place behind Carl Hester on Nip Tuck. And a Fith place to Anders Dhal (Denmark) Wie-Atlantico De Ymas, who has six years on Don Corleone VH Scheefkastee. The pair have 291BD points. (10/07/15)

Don Corleone VH Scheefkastee  BWP (Belgian Warmblood) by the show jumping stallion Turbo Vant Gestelhof (Darco-Furioso) out of Simply You (Blesse lines) bred by the hugely successful Johan Hubrechts, (Bochholt) whose Scheefkastee progeny are deservedly in the record books.

Campaigning two horses Don Corleone VH Scheefkasteel and a new acquisition last spring Half Moon Dark Magic, a five year old gelding, and plans to bring him up to International level over the coming years, and who is out in the competitive arena with two BD competitions under his belt, and already 3 points. Nicola is introducing him to his new world with outings in the lorry and going away to school at new venues.

One of the UKs top Professional Dressage Trainers Nicola shares her passion for dressage training and the progression of a horses way of going through her clients, sharing her experience and helping clients become effective independent riders at all levels from Novice to Grand Prix.  She is, obviously, so effective on a horses back and it is wonderful to see how she can effortlessly find the right tune on any mount, but she is also an observant and effective trainer from the ground.  Her clients give very positive reviews on her effective methods which really make a positive impact on both horse and rider. Of Nicola, as a professional dressage trainer, paritipants at a recent clinic said “…most of all we love the way she trains both rider and horse”  — so whether you’re a novice rider or more advanced. and are serious about learning from the best, then take the opportunity to contact this “on point” Dressage Trainer.

Nicola regularly gives clinics at the Bovington RAC Saddle Club and is available for private or group tuition by arrangement.

To find out more or to contact Nicola Buchanan please visit her professional profile on Horse Scout by clicking on this text.

Olivia Oakley

Profiled Professional Dressage Riders: Olivia Oakley


Olivia Oakley, is one of Horse Scouts’ profiled Professional Dressage Riders.

She is an International Dressage Rider and has been a British Equestrian Federation World Class Squad member since 2010. Olivia Oakley has represented Great Britain in 5 European Championships since 2010.

As a top ranked dressage rider and a UKCC accredited level 2 Instructor, she regularly holds clinics all over the UK and is available for weekly lessons from her base in Breadstone, Berkely. We have a link to her profile page below.

One of the most valuable things for  professional dressage riders, or any professional rider, is to secure sponsorship which helps increase their profile and that of the sponsor. Recently Olivia Oakley gained a valuable sponsorship from Caldene. Their Marketing Director, Rachel Bowles, was not short of the mark when she described this rising star (who is still under 25) as “a true British Talent” who “shows great strength of character, passion and a true dedication to the sport”.

Olivia is competing at this weeks Hartpury Festival of Dressage on her handsome DiMaggio gelding Donna Summer. Donna Summer, whose stable name is “Rio” was born in 2001 is out of the State Premium mare Belinda stands at 15.3hh. Owned by Kate and Olivia Oakley he does not let size make the slightest difference to his big presence in the arena.

You can see Olivi Oakley compete on Donna Summer in the Baileys Horse Feeds BD Intermediate II (Supported by Monarch Equestrian) at 13.57 on Sunday the 12th July 2015.

Horse Scout is pleased to sponsor the Horsescout.com FEI CDI Prix St George on Friday Morning at the Hartpury Festival of Dressage.

Olivia took on Donna Summer (Rio) as a very green 5 year old and has used this as a learning curve to produce this lovely horse as an established master of the ring in just a few short years.  They established their competitive relationship in 2007 in the affiliated arena with 140 odd outings since 2007. Olivia says he (Rio) is not past sulking if her attention is not focused on him. He has a big personality; something which makes him a crowd pleaser in the arena, with the judges and with “his Public”! And on occasion he is undoubtedly a bit of a clown!!! (have you ever seen the bloops from Carl Hester at Home!) If not…. Well you definitely should. Donna Summer looks every bit like he’s auditioning for River Dance…!!

Donna Summers’ Sire DiMaggio (by Weltmyer) is a hugely successful Hanoverian Sire his progeny are in the record books consistently across all years since his first crops with 45 qualifying progeny in the BEF rankings placing him 2nd in the All Time Sire Rankings with the British Breeding Federation (2007 – date) DiMaggios’ own averaged Score comes out at 9.36 from his top 5 scores.

Of Dimaggios’ progeny namesakes Dimaggio Chillis Dino has been campaigned by Lord Leo Cornford. Last year competing at Novice, now with 4 points, and only once out of the top 4.  Who, on his 4th  British Dressage  event has qualified for the Sheepgate Tack & Togs 2015 Championships! Dimaggio Delight competed by Rebecca Whitcombe taking 1st place at AM in the last five outings.

And Keystone Dimaggio a very successful eye catching black 7 year old stallion bought by Janet Gee, with Suzanne Lavendera, scored the highest marks of the Hickstead Dressage Masters Championships in West Sussex with 76.38% and 75.43%.

Dimaggios’ performance progeny carry his stamp and are well priced in the market for the potential they hold in their genetics.

Horse Scout has a Dimaggio Mare listed on its horses for sale pages.  She’s a nice looking animal with a good write up who would fit well with a rider aiming to compete.  Her profile can be found under Domonique Dancer

Olivias other top horse is of course Don Carrissimo on whom she has been hugely successful. Taking the ride in 2014,  Don Carrissimo is a 16.2 hh Don Crusdaor x World Cup III gelding owned by Anne & Steve Keen. With 15 wins in 23 starts its an impressive record and an indication of just how strong this partnership is.  Olivia Oakley has achieved her personal best score of 74.39% on Don Carrissimo in the FEI Inter 1Q in May this year. They have also qualified for the Premier British Dressage League National Championships in September following their win in the FEI Inter1Q at Wellington, and now have 3 Regional titles. With impressive results at in the Charles Owen AMO Winter Championship 4th (69.87%) on Don Carrissimo and 5th in the Superflex FEI Inter I Freestyle Winter Championship 5th with Donna Summer (72.29%) with a captivating performance which matched the score from Matt Frost with AMD Don Rosso II.

Her other three rides are Eclips, and two fairly new additions to the stable in Lordswood Gently 16.2hh 2010 Lord Leatherdale x Vaya Condios (Negro) owned by Mel Worgan & Lucy Fawcett and the newest addition, Lordswood Givenchy 16.1hh 2011 Chameur x Special D Alice Whitefield (Lordswood Dressage) and Heather Stack (Larkhill Stud) who came over from Holland in March this year will be aimed at Young Horse Classes.

Horse Scout wishes all the best to Olivia over the coming weekend and of course for the rest of the 2015 season with all her horses.

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Catherston Springsteen

Breeding Performance Horses: Improver Stallion: Catherston Springsteen


Breeding for performance and temperament: Catherston Studs’ handsome and successful British Sports Horse Catherston Springsteen

For breeders looking for that “extra mile” they can’t go far wrong with the quality and performance of the handsome and very well made Catherston Springsteen who stands four square when Breeding Performance Horses. He is consistently producing quality performance stock which carry his temperament and presence into the competitive arena, which is why those in the know can say with absolute enthusiasm:

“What a star, mind you those Springsteen babies are worth going the extra mile for” said N.C.C. (27th May)

His first progeny, now rising six, are are proof of his ability to breed for performance. They are eventing successfully and competing in dressage, alongside others following on who are in the ribbons in Sports Horse and Young Event Horse classes at prestigious county level shows etc.  They are definitely proving themselves as class horses.

This international dressage stallion standing at the Catherston Stud is a champion British Sports Horse graded with the SHB-GB and the BWBS.

Catherston Springsteen; A Performance Stallion  for Breeding Performance Horses

This expressive and elegant British Sports Horse is eye catching and has the “look at me” so necessary in the show ring as well as in the dressage arena.  He is a stallion with an exceptional temperament which he passes on to his offspring, and breeders have been more than enthusiastic about this important character trait which Catherston Springsteen passes on.

His make is exemplary, and his conformation allows him to show his expressive, bold and elevated paces to their best with his lovely head complimented by his length of rein.

His own career has been well managed and he has been campaigned successfully not only by Jennie Loriston Clark but also  as part of the Junior Dressage squad with her granddaughter Charlotte Dicker. Long listed to be part of the squad last year, Charlotte is now part of the Junior Riders Prime Squad Team for GB with Catherston Springsteen and her beloved ride Sabatini.

Catherston Springsteens’ own performance breeding (Dutch Gold) his undoubtedly played a part (along with exceptional training) in his successful career on the dressage stage.

In 2003 he qualified for the finals of the Rhinegold Potential Dressage Horse at the European Championships at Hickstead and was also short listed for the World Breeding Championships for Young Horses.

By 2005 he had also qualified for the British Dressage National Championships at Advanced Medium and in the Prix St Georges.

At only 10 years old he won the Grand Prix to Music classes at the College Premier League and at the Wellington Premier League Shows, also taking 2nd in the Grand Prix Special at Wellington.

By 2007 he was proving his breeding performance with a series of important successes at Grand Prix competitions at National Level. After an injury, he took some time away from the competitive arena but stormed back in 2010 winning the Grand Prix Special at Swolle Stallion Show in Holland. Since this, he has qualified for the National Championships most years at Grand Prix taking respectable placing’s every time out, and now Charlotte Dicker is steering him to success for Great Britain.

Catherston Springsteen himself has a bold and careful jump, and his progeny show that he is passing this on with successful youngsters in the eventing field now competing at BE100 this season.

His older progeny Longstock Sinatra, bred by Jeanette Burtenshaw who has some 395 odd BD points (at the time of writing), has qualified for every year and progressed up the levels at the Regionals and last year qualified for the Winter Regionals at Advanced Medium level.

Catherston Springnut is catching up on the points, and is now consistently winning at Advanced Medium and has also qualified for Regionals as well as the Petplan Championships.

For breeders looking to identify a quality stallion and breed for performance next year, then Catherston Springsteen is definitely one to put on your list.

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