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Woodlander Stud, Woodlander Rockstar

Woodlander Stud: BWS-UK Stallion Woodlander Rockstar


Woodlander Rock Star – Woodlander Stud’s homebred British Warmblood  and grade 1 Oldenburg Dressage Stallion

A good looking British Warm Blood Stallion with the all important look at me presence.

Woodlander rockstar is very powerful and now competing with the Eilbergs at Inter II

Woodlander Rock Star – Woodlander Stud British Warmblood

A good looking British Warm Blood Stallion with the all important look at me presence.  He is very powerful  stallion, and yet entirely contained, and now competing with the Eilbergs at Grand Prix. He has the wonderful, and covetable, ability to move from an expressive passage full of power and elevation into a relaxed walk across the arena and back to show some passage with so much lift and rhythm that you cannot help but be truly impressed;: Not his temperament which allows such a calm approach to a contained jet power driven performance. In the spring of 2013 Lynne Crowden had commented the she was looking forward to his move into the 70’s and he has transitioned seamlessly gaining over 70% at Lemieux National Championships in 2013 and has, since, taken respectable points at all his outings, building on his great success on the 2009 Success on the Sunshine Tour where he won all nine of his classes.  His 2012 seson saw his move into FEI Inter II competition and he took the reserve National Champion that year too. These results were predicted by his grading judges who foresaw an international career ahead of him.

There is no doubt that he is being favoured as a dressage stallion to date with 2 good looking offspring at the 2014 Futuity  as both as sire and dam sire and again in the 2013 Futurity awards with 4 progeny put forward for dressage grading (as sire of and dam sire). Woodlander Rockstar gained a certificate of merit at the Futurity Dressage yearling in 2012 and It was in 2011  that Woodalnder Rock Music came before the judges and he set the bar high for his siblings to follow.

An early foal by Woodlander Rockstar, Woodlander Rapido, campaigned so ably by Annette Ruth Davis-Green is now competing at FEI Inter 1 and PSG and has 368 points at the time of writing and has gained points at every outing over the last tow years.

Woodlander Studs Woodlander Rockstar is by Rotspon/Rubenstein 1 x Anatalia

Woodlander Rockstars’ Sire Sire Rotspon by Rubinsein 1 x state premium mare Antalia was known and admired for his great temperament too, making training such a pleasure  and productive. His good sloping shoulder and elegantly long neck, and of course his sleek jet black colouring are also features which Woodlander Rockstar and his progeny are carrying through. His Grand Sire Rubenstein 1 was prodigiously successful as a performance horse with 40 winds at Grand Prix and he was also a member of the gold winning team at the 1996 Olympics. With 89 State Premium mares and 66 approved stallions.

Dam St Premium Savannah/Sandro x Lollipop

Woodlander Roackstars’ State Premium dam, Savannah, (San Paolo mare) sadly passed on in 2012 but she was a prodigious mare. Her own temperament was “fiery” as Lynne Crowden said in the lovely obituary she wrote for this Woodlander foundation mare which she had bought with the help of hermother. However her offspring have demonstrated again and again just why they are so popular because they are so “ridable” her last two foals have been secured by Maria & Michael Eiberg; certainly a sign of the quality of her progeny. Two embryo transfer foals where born of her. One, Supertramp, has progeny already proving their quality successfully at the Futurity Awards. Savannah, at her own gradings, had impressive scoring in her jumping test and undoubtedly it is her abilities which also pass to Woodlander Rockstars’ Progeny who are coming on to the competitive scene in all disciplines.

I have saved his other successful progeny for another blog…there are just so many!

Medal Mare Woodlander Repartee (2005) – Foal Champion 2005

Woodlander Rallentissez (2006) – Dressage horse, Mare Performance Test Champion

Penhaligon Rockstein (2006) – High Scoring Young Dressage Horse Woodlander Rapido (2006) – Foal Champion 2006 Finalist Shearwater Nationals 2010 & 2011

Woodlander Rhythm n Blues (2007) – Graded Stallion

Woodlander Roxanne (2007) – Foal Champion 2007

Woodlander Ravi Shankar (2008) – Youngstock & Supreme champion 2009

Woodlander Rocketman (2008)

Woodlander Stud has profiles for all its stallions on Horse Scout and you can find a link to Woodlander Rockstar here.


Woodlander Summertime Blues

UK Hanoverian Stallion: Woodlander Summertime Blues


If you a re looking for a future star then  UK Graded UK Hanoverian Stallion Woodlander Summertime Blues  should be top of your list

Woodlander Summertime Blues was the top 2 year old dressage horse at the British Breeding Futurity in 2014 and has also been graded with both the German and UK Hanoverian Societies and with the WBS-Uk.

I am looking forward to seeing him mature, some tension during his stallion show was evident but the judges still praised him for his great power and long lines he shows all the elasticity and expression that the judges look for. His natural elevation can be seen in his trot and he will only improve on this with training under saddle. Lynne Chapman says he also has a super canter, which is going to prove invaluable in a horse with this lovely confirmation. At his Hanoverian grading the Judge, Dr Christmann, said of this eye catching black 16.3hh Stallion that “…he was the image of his great grand dam, the mare St Pr Pikantje who was German National Champion under saddle.

Woodlander Summertime Blues’ Sire, Spörcken, was the highest priced stallion at the 2010 verden Auctions, and deservedly so. An exceptionally elegant uphill and powerful horse with an beautiful trot. His well made shoulder and forearm allowing the coveted forward, elevated and elegant gait so coveted in the dressage arena. Spörcken Is by the world famous Sir Donnerhall, himself a successful performance horse, he is sire of an impressive list of Bundeschampion offspring,. Sir Donnerhall was the five year old world champion dressage horse, with 89 licenced stallions by him and 80 state premium registered mares to his record.

La Beale Isoud,Spörckens’ dam Sire is by Lauries Crusador xx a had success on the British racing Circuit was a Hanoverian State Stallion for 23 years. He sired 2,713 foals of which 264 mares became state premium and 55 sons were licensed.

Woodlander Summertime Blues’ Dam Moulin Rouge Daughter of Alabama who also bred The licensed WSBS graded stallion Santana. The Graded Warmblood Breeders Studbook stallion for 2009 bred at Woodlander Stud and now standing for the Trevoulter Barton Stud

Dam Sire is the tall Elegant Grand Prix Stallion (2xBundecshampionat Finalist ) Margue Hwho has a high percentage of TB in his breeding through his sire the Anglo Arab Mont Du Chantal with Florestan ii, through Mon Fleury, boosting his great modern shape., he has Cardinal XX on his Dams side. Standing for Sue Carson (Saddles) List 1 British dressage Judge, who says “…he is a powerful, handsome and willing ride” from whom his delighted owner claims, she has learnt a huge amount. Margue H Progeny are now making headlines at Grand Prix with Mystery (by Margue H x Delano) ridden by the Polish rider Zaneta Skowronska on the podium at the 2014 CDI Radzionkow on home territory.

Woodlander Summertime Blues is definitely a star of the future,  a young stallion waiting in the wings. To find out more about Woodlander Stud and Woodlander Summertime Blues visit www.horsescout.co.uk

This Uk Hanoverian Stallion Woodlander Summertime Blues has his own stallion profile page on the Horse scout website.


Woodlander Wales

Dressage Pony Stallions: Woodlander Wales


The smartest of Dressage Pony Stallions, Futurity Sports Pony record holder ‘Woodlander Wales’

At 14.1hh, Woodlander Wales is small but perfectly formed. With the sweetest of temperaments given to him by his father Woolander Wavavoom, he also has that powerful frame and picture-perfect presence which has already bought him top rankings three years running at the Futurity Sports Pony Awards in 2011, 12 and 13 (at the WBS UK – a record score of 85%)

Woodlander Studs’ Woodlander Wales is graded WBS-UK, SPSS and Weser-Ems.

Woodlander Studs’ beautiful young stallion, wrapped up in a package of pure pony charm, is working well under saddle and looks set for certain success in the competition arena after his performance testing in Germany. He will be a dream ride for any top dressage rider who will have to embrace his forward thinking attitude. Woodlander Stud say “His temperament is absolutely charming, but he does like to go…and go…and go!”. Owner Lynne Crowden says “he will hopefully go to a talented young rider and become an FEI pony”

His dam, Helen, was bred by Mostyn Powell out of a very successful section C mare line and it is these Welsh lines that formed the basis of the best of German Pony breeding – so Lynne must be confident of his success in Germany.

Bred to a pony mare, he will be producing quality pony stock. This is a stallion for both FEI ambitions and for the national sports pony.

View the profile for this dressage pony stallion on Horse Scout

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Woodlander Wild Child

British Breeding; Woodlander Wild Child


Woodlander Wild Child – A British Hanoverian Stallion and a futurity star mapped by his superb breeding.

A future dressage superstar By Woodlander Wavavoom x Woodlander Farouche, this beautifully made stallion at stud is a 16.3hh chestnut graded WBS UK.

The futurity evaluators commented on his “excellent proportions, balanced trot and his superb freedom in his shoulder” when Woodlander Wild Child scored 9.79, the highest futurity premium ever awarded at Solihull 2011.

Woodlander Farouche (his dam) had two foals and both were born by embryo transfer. Crucially though, the genetic link has not fostered a parental bond! “We’ve got an interesting photo of them glaring at each other in a car park.” said owner Lynne Crowden.

Woodlander Wild Child is a Double Futurity Elite WBS Foal and Supreme Champion Licensed Stallion (Hannoverian, WSB-UK) – Double Licensing Champion. “A champion all the way from the day he was born” say his owners.

Woodlander Wild Child became the WBS: UK Supreme Champion in 2011, and in 2013 he was again the top dressage two year old and then gained a stallion licensing “double” with both the Hannoverian International and the WBS – UK. His World Champion mother is Woodlander Farouche who was not only a world record holder for a dressage score, she also had a top scoring approved Hannoverian sire in Woodlander Wavavoom. Woodlander Wild Child is certainly from the best of the best.

He is an extraordinary young dressage stallion and is available to dressage breeders in the UK looking for a Hanoverian Stallion.

His sire Wavavoom is stallion with a wonderful temperament, power and paces. Not only is his breeding genetic exemplary, Woodlander Wavavoom has progeny which prove why he is a stallion of such renown.  18 of his progeny are listed as Elite and two of his colts are licensed – Woodlander Wild Child and also Woodlander Wales – both of whom are double licensing Champions. In 2010 and 2011, Woodlander Wavavoom qualified for every Young Horse Championship with scores of 8 and above, and as a 4 year old was runner up in the Badminton to Farouche. 2011 saw him as a finalist again at the National Dressage Championships and the Reserve Champion Shearwater 5 year old.  He gained his life approval from the German Bundeschampionat in 2012. As a six year old, he scored 86% at Advanced Medium

On his sire line, his sire and the dam of his sire, St Pr Louisiana, were bred by Woodlander Stud from a Westfalian line which produced seventeen Westfalian State Stallions and multiple Grand Prix horses, and in five generations he has no less than 14 State Premium mares.

Click here to view this incredible stallion on Horse Scout

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Woodlander Farouche

Stud and Breeding Review: Woodlander Farouche Pedigree


Firstly, congratulations to Woodlander Farouche and Michael Eiberg on their brilliant win at Bolesworth!

Woodlander Farouche is the dam of Woodlander Wild Child.  Her pedigree is the topic of the moment, and Woodlander Stud are experts in the art of breeding, with genetics and form being their fundamental principals.  Woodlander Stud explain what exactly (as near as you can guess these things) has made Woodlander Farouche the amazing mare that she is – ”Her dam Dornroeschen is a very, very good mare (and proven in competition) but you would want to improve her ‘roundness’ as she has a rather angular body. Farouche’s sire, Fuerst Heinrich, was a very round horse, big but not with exceptionally long legs, but he was World Champion himself, as was Dornroeschen’s sire, Dimaggio. Fuerst Heinrich seemed a good choice and we were blessed with what may be a once in a lifetime result – the close to perfect Farouche.” Her sublime test at Bolsworth just a few hours ago has justified her flood of Tweets and Facebook comments over the last few hours.

Woodlander Farouches’ dam, Woodlander Studs mare Woodlander Dornroschen, was Horse & Hounds Outstanding Mare Winner last year. Lynne Crowden, her owner, bought her from Brightwells Auctions in foal. British European team medallist Michael Eilberg also owns Dornroschens half brother out of the same mare.

Dornroschen herself is a successful international small tour horse (with three 1st s and a 2nd at Barcelona in March this year) and both she and Farouche are ridden by Michael Eilberg.

What makes Woodlander Farouche so good? “First and foremost are her genetics. Through considered breeding, they have given her the perfect conformation and mechanics for super uphill and expressive paces as well as a temperament that ensures she has a trainable mind” says Carole Mortimer.

Definitely hitting the nail on the head and congratulations must go to Michael Eiberg, Woodlander Stud and of course the lovely mare herself Woodlander Farouche.

Click here for more information on Woodlander Stud and their breeding programme

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Woodlander Freddie M – Dressage Stallion with a passport to success


Having been approved at his 30 day test in Schlieckau for Oldenburg, Woodlander Freddie M, the top selling horse at Brightwells in 2013 with Bruce Mathews now a partner, however, he stays at home with his breeder Lynne Crowden at the Woodlander Stud, keeping it all in the family. Power, beauty and temperament are packed into this elastic and big moving young stallion. Woodlander Freddie M also was approved for WBS – UK in 2014, once more gaining particular merit for his movement. His is sire For Compliment, a fantastic mover himself with a great hind leg dynamic and an uphill carriage has passed this stamp to his son and Woodlander Freddie M’s performance test scores were excellent with one of the highest scores and marks over 9 for trot canter and ridability.

In 2010 Woodlander Freddie M’s sire For Compliment was Regional Champion and also qualified for the Bundeschampionat finishing in Bronze Medal position and a crowd favourite. Both Grandsires of Freddie M, Fidermark and Dimaggio, were Champions – one at the Bundeschampionat and the other at the World Championships for Young Horses. This convincing record is further strengthened by the legendary Caprimond and the dam sire of For Compliment, the quiet sire Compliment, who has produced many good high level horses including the powerful GP stallion Cockpit. He brings also the important blood of Calypso II.

From his dam’s line, (Elite Dornroeschen) carries the genetics of World Champion Dimaggio and has herself taken multiple National Championships and now competes Grand Prix. She was Small Tour Champion at Hartpury Festival of Dressage in 2013 and has heart stopping charm and movement especially in the canter. She is of course also the dam of double World Champion and continuing record breaker Woodlander Farouche.

This 16.hh Hanoverian stallion with Oldenburg and WBS-UK grading was born in 2011, so he is still a very young horse. You can see his profile on Horse Scout Stallion listings page under the Woodlander Stud banner here

For other Woodlander stallions check out the Horse Scout Stallion Listing pages

There’s no denying his good looks: He’s Heaven – Heaven is standing his first season at The Woodlander Stud


Heaven is a stunning dark Bay Hannoverian 2012 Graded: WBS-UK stallion standing 16.1hh (165cm) listed with Horse Scout.

Lynne Crowden, owner of the Woodlander Stud, proudly says that from the very beginning, this young stallion has topped the lookability and the lovability polls. As the highest scoring Futurity dressage foal in 2012, he impressed with his type and his movement and this was despite being a very late foal.  Again  at the WBS_UK licencing in 2014 that he impressed with the way of going. This is a horse of “blood” (lighter weight build) but has unusually big movement for his type. Of course his dam line is impressive, St Pr Limoncello, was a Foal Champion, a Youngstock Champion and a Mare Champion and is already the dam of one other Hannoverian approved stallions, Clapton. She is also the dam of the top young dressage horse, Woodlander Betty Boo and her 2014 foal, by Zack achieved Futurity Elite and was also the Reserve Filly Champion for BHHS 2014, and Heaven is no exception in the good looks and eye catching stakes. Heavens sire Hotline was not only the top priced stallion at the auction in Verden but went on, via the Danish Young Horse Champion win, to achieve many successes up to and including Grand Prix. Heaven’s own sire, Hofrat also performed to a high level in the sport. Heaven also boasts the British Team horse Wie Weltmeyer ridden by Emma Hindle from his dams side.

You can find out more about Heaven on his profile page  (  ) or visit www.horsescout.co.uk to look at otherr stallions offered by the Woodlander Stud.

Horse Scout Stallion Review: Woodlander Stud Stallion: Fransje.


The heart melting young stallion Fransje standing at the Woodlander Stud is a beautifully bred bay KWPN / Dutch Warmblood.

Graded with AES, Oldenburg and WBS_UK his listing on Horse Scout describes his sire, United, as one of many successful licensed son’s of the international Grand Prix horse Krack C, whose other son’s include Redford, Tolando, Tuschinski, Trento B, Zhivago who was Champion of the 2011 Z level KWPN Stallion Competition at Den Bosch and also the amazing Vivaldi.

His Dam line (Tirette) brings accredited keur and preferent mares and the Tirette is by the International Grand Prix stallion Silvano N was individually placed 6th at the Sydney Olympic Games and was crowned the 2002 Dutch Dressage Champion,.

Woodlander Stud are please to say that Fensje was approved by the Oldenburg Verband with particular mention of his movement and mechanics. 2014; saw his first foal crop where he added huge movement and elasticity.

In 2014 he also completed his 70 day test at Schlickau and is now life approved for Oldenburg.

Proven Progeny       For One Night Only (Fransje x Mondriaan x Ulft)

You can find Fransje’s profile on the Horse Scout website by using this link to his stallion profile page here

Record Breaking Progeny for Stallions on Horse Scout.  Stallion review Woodland Wavavoom


Son of Wavavoom, Woodlander Wild Child, followed his mother (Woodlander Farouche) into the record breaking books by being the highest scoring horse ever in the BEF Futurity when he took the Foal title.

Hanovarian Stallion Woodlander Wavavoom has power  and expression.  Woodlander Studs beautiful chestnut stallion has a wonderful temperament, power & paces. Woodlander Wavavoom has provided a real flag to wave for British Breeding. In 2010 and 2011, he qualified for every young horse Championship with scores of 8 and above and as a 4 year old was runner up in the Badminton Yong Horse Championships to Woodlander Farouche. 2011 saw him again as a finalist at the National Dressage Championships and the Reserve Champion Shearwater 5 year old. In 2012 he returned to Germany to complete his life approval with qualification for the German Bundeschampionat. As a six year old, he scored 86% at Advanced Medium. In 2010 he had only one foal and this was the Hanoverian Champion but in 2011, he surpassed himself by heading the stallion rankings for the BEF Futurity having presented 10 foals and achieved 6 Elites. Not surprisingly, his cross with Woodlander Farouche was the highest scoring horse ever for Futurity with 9.79. In 2012, he remained the highest scoring UK based stallion with more Elite Offspring and, once again, the top pony foal. In 2013, Wavavoom qualified for the summer and winter regionals at Medium and Advanced Medium, and unforgettably was the sire of two licensed sons: Woodlander Wild Child and Woodlander Wales – both of whom were double stallion Champions for Hannoverian, WBS-UK and SPSS. 2014 saw the start of his new partnership with Bobby Hayler where he qualified for Winters and achieved his AM scores well above 70%.

Other supremely sucsessful offspring are:Woodlander Wales (2011)– Elite Sports Pony Futurity 2014; Small Competition Horse Champion SPSS; Supreme SPSS; Licensed Stallion (WBS-UK, SPSS, Oldenburg) – Champion Stallion
Woodlander Winwood – BHHS Foal Champion 2010
Woodlander Wirginia Plain – Elite Foal
Wikipedia – Elite Foal
Wonderful World – Elite Foal
Briarwood Wild Beauty – High First
Wasimah – Elite
Woodlander Wallis – Elite Foal
Woodlander Waterloo – Elite Foal
Waverley Wright Stuff (2013) – Elite
West End Diva (2013)– Higher First
Woodstock (2013) – Higher First

To find out more about Woodlander Wavavoom and the Woodlander Stud view his stallion listing on Horse Scout here