Welcome to the Horse Scout Group

The Horse Scout teams are pioneers for the next generation of equestrian services, software and lifestyle interests.

Collectively our equestrian centric businesses and partner assets exceeded 10.5 million users 2019, the strongest equestrian distribution in the world.

Horse Scout Market

Horse Scout is the largest equestrian marketplace and professional services network.
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Horse Scout Agency

Global agency supporting the world’s largest international events, brands, and sponsorship opportunities with royalties back to the professional athletes.
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Horse Scout Design

Customisable lifestyle and homeware products, made on demand US and Europe with royalties back to the equestrian artists.
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Horse Scout Connect

Event specific SMS visitor communications software.
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Horse Scout Ventures

Equestrian and agricultural investments. Patient long term capital with extensive global marketing support.
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Horse Scout Legal

Legal services for the equestrian industry.
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