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Woodlander Stud, Woodlander Rockstar

Woodlander Stud: BWS-UK Stallion Woodlander Rockstar


Woodlander Rock Star – Woodlander Stud’s homebred British Warmblood  and grade 1 Oldenburg Dressage Stallion

A good looking British Warm Blood Stallion with the all important look at me presence.

Woodlander rockstar is very powerful and now competing with the Eilbergs at Inter II

Woodlander Rock Star – Woodlander Stud British Warmblood

A good looking British Warm Blood Stallion with the all important look at me presence.  He is very powerful  stallion, and yet entirely contained, and now competing with the Eilbergs at Grand Prix. He has the wonderful, and covetable, ability to move from an expressive passage full of power and elevation into a relaxed walk across the arena and back to show some passage with so much lift and rhythm that you cannot help but be truly impressed;: Not his temperament which allows such a calm approach to a contained jet power driven performance. In the spring of 2013 Lynne Crowden had commented the she was looking forward to his move into the 70’s and he has transitioned seamlessly gaining over 70% at Lemieux National Championships in 2013 and has, since, taken respectable points at all his outings, building on his great success on the 2009 Success on the Sunshine Tour where he won all nine of his classes.  His 2012 seson saw his move into FEI Inter II competition and he took the reserve National Champion that year too. These results were predicted by his grading judges who foresaw an international career ahead of him.

There is no doubt that he is being favoured as a dressage stallion to date with 2 good looking offspring at the 2014 Futuity  as both as sire and dam sire and again in the 2013 Futurity awards with 4 progeny put forward for dressage grading (as sire of and dam sire). Woodlander Rockstar gained a certificate of merit at the Futurity Dressage yearling in 2012 and It was in 2011  that Woodalnder Rock Music came before the judges and he set the bar high for his siblings to follow.

An early foal by Woodlander Rockstar, Woodlander Rapido, campaigned so ably by Annette Ruth Davis-Green is now competing at FEI Inter 1 and PSG and has 368 points at the time of writing and has gained points at every outing over the last tow years.

Woodlander Studs Woodlander Rockstar is by Rotspon/Rubenstein 1 x Anatalia

Woodlander Rockstars’ Sire Sire Rotspon by Rubinsein 1 x state premium mare Antalia was known and admired for his great temperament too, making training such a pleasure  and productive. His good sloping shoulder and elegantly long neck, and of course his sleek jet black colouring are also features which Woodlander Rockstar and his progeny are carrying through. His Grand Sire Rubenstein 1 was prodigiously successful as a performance horse with 40 winds at Grand Prix and he was also a member of the gold winning team at the 1996 Olympics. With 89 State Premium mares and 66 approved stallions.

Dam St Premium Savannah/Sandro x Lollipop

Woodlander Roackstars’ State Premium dam, Savannah, (San Paolo mare) sadly passed on in 2012 but she was a prodigious mare. Her own temperament was “fiery” as Lynne Crowden said in the lovely obituary she wrote for this Woodlander foundation mare which she had bought with the help of hermother. However her offspring have demonstrated again and again just why they are so popular because they are so “ridable” her last two foals have been secured by Maria & Michael Eiberg; certainly a sign of the quality of her progeny. Two embryo transfer foals where born of her. One, Supertramp, has progeny already proving their quality successfully at the Futurity Awards. Savannah, at her own gradings, had impressive scoring in her jumping test and undoubtedly it is her abilities which also pass to Woodlander Rockstars’ Progeny who are coming on to the competitive scene in all disciplines.

I have saved his other successful progeny for another blog…there are just so many!

Medal Mare Woodlander Repartee (2005) – Foal Champion 2005

Woodlander Rallentissez (2006) – Dressage horse, Mare Performance Test Champion

Penhaligon Rockstein (2006) – High Scoring Young Dressage Horse Woodlander Rapido (2006) – Foal Champion 2006 Finalist Shearwater Nationals 2010 & 2011

Woodlander Rhythm n Blues (2007) – Graded Stallion

Woodlander Roxanne (2007) – Foal Champion 2007

Woodlander Ravi Shankar (2008) – Youngstock & Supreme champion 2009

Woodlander Rocketman (2008)

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