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Licenced AES Stallion Footloose LG

AES Licensed Stallion Footloose LG


 AES Licensed Stallion Footloose LG is the perfect choice as an improver stallion particularly for eventing or showjumping.  He has great genetics on both his sire (Numero Uno) and his dam (Ushi Picciano) sides with Keur and St Pref gradings featuring heavily on both sides.

Licensed with the Anglo European StudbookFootloose is a stallion with the right genetics for the future of British Breeding

Footloose is well built with powerful hindquarters offering exceptional hip hock alignment giving him a strong and powerful hind leg action, his sire, Numero Uno, gained a 9 for his explosive take off at his grading. For breeders looking for a stallion to bring quality, temperament and innate jumping ability along with an injection of TB quality (vvv Lady KillerXX) this lovely sports horse stallion has to be a good choice.

His Sire Numero Uno (Libero H v Langraf 1) has bred a prolific number of proven performance horses, mostly in show jumping but also in the other disciplines and has earned himself Keur rating in the KWPN Studbook with a breeding value in the 140’s (NL) scoring 97% reliability as a jumping stallion for the last two years and consistently in the mid to high 90’s since 2009 as a jumping stallion and was judged as an excellent jumper with a good potential for dressage. Numero Uno’s progeny have been judged at grading shows as having well made rectangular bodies with long necks which are well muscled a steep jumping shoulder and excellent jumping hind legs. Their conformation allowing flexibility, strength and agility.  In 2013 WBSFH Numero Uno was in the top ten rankings for Show Jumping Sires along with Baboulet De  Rouet, Kannan,Coronet Obolensky, Diament de Semilly and Contendro 1 all also listed on the Stallion listings on Horse Scouts Website and also with information and reviews on our Blog.

Footloose’s dam line is also impressive Ushi Picciana is a Keur Mare with by Royal Bravoir (another horse with a high jumping breeding coefficient) who was, himself, a grand prix show jumper breeding an impressive number of jumpers (including Ushi Picciana). Ushi Picciana x Daisy, a state premium Keur mare, who bred 7 offspring including grand prix jumper Tatum and Arriba, both also Keur mares.

This handsome well made stallion is, of course,  still young and it will be interesting to see his career unfold.  Horse Scout is pleased to have this useful stallion profiled on its web site.  To connect with LG Sports horses or to link through to the  AES Licensed  Stallion Footloose LG please use this link.

Oldenburg Stallion At Stud in the UK Seano Gold

Oldenburg Stallion at Stud in the UK: Serano Gold


Oldenburg Stallions at stud in the UK making Top Money  – Serano Gold has some impressively priced offspring at the elite auctions.

With the European Championships well underway in Aachen over the next few days it seems that Sandro Gold has not only friends but many relations representing their country at this important equestrian competition this year. Bought by the Romanno Stud in 2013. Jennifer Gilchrist is the owner of this Approved Oldenburg stallion at stud in the UK who has presence, power and grace  presented in a beautifully made body. Graded with both the OALL Southern German Societies Oldenburg and the Sports Horse Breeders – GB

This lovely Oldenburg Stallion was Reserve Champion at his performance test as a 3 year old just two months after he was backed, and, two months later, was 5th in a well contested Warendorf Bundeschampionat in 2006 gaining extremely high marks for ridability.

His ridability is something this Oldenburg Stallion demonstrates so well in the arena, with a ground covering trot and a distinctive lift and lightness in his rhythmic animated paces.  He has a relaxed and powerful piaffe and a lovely canter. His grading marks awarding him 9.75 for temperament and he achieved marks between 9 and 10 for his basic paces.

His Sire Sandro Hit has offspring at the European Championships today; Santana (Han.) Sandro Hit x Rubinstein and is representing Sweden with Minna Telde in the Grand Prix today.

SERANO GOLD was vice champion of 3yo stallions in Rastede in 2004, where he also was placed in the final of the Bundeschampionat. He has always been impressive. and qualified for the Bundeschampionat in 2004 where was placed in the final and again in 2006 & 2007 where he sadly through no fault of his own was unable to attend the finals.

In 2006, the year that Edward Gal took the ride,  every one of Serano Golds’ foals received the Oldenberg Premium Title crowning him “The Foal Maker” He has sired several approved breeding stallions including the 2010 BWBS reserve champion SERANO and also SFORZANDO (Oldenburg Graded) A stunning black stallion was produced by Woodlander Stud for his owners Brian and Beverley Rumbold  won his first Shearwater qualifier in 2012 when he did not get less than 8 and has been campaigned by Gregory Simms since Februray this year in BD classes. CASHMIR (approved Swedish warm blood society) is owned by Fiona Bigwood (Team GB at todays dressage in  Aachen). Cashmirnow has 80 BD points taking 1st in every one of  his classes up to FEI PSG last year.

Serano Golds’ progeny are gaining top prices at the auctions

SMILLA P for 40,000 euros and

SOPRESSO for 40,000 euros at the Vechta Elite auctions,

STRAHLEMANN for 27,000 euro in 2012

And his breeding lines still taking centre stage at world class international dressage competition.  The Romanno Stud are, duly, proud of the excellent Oldenburg Stallion who passes on everything which is good about him.

 To find out more about his breeding and the Oldenburg genetics which have stood him, and his offspring, so well visit his Horse Scout Stallion Profile on the Horse Scout Website.




Homozygous Tobiano Stallion Solaris Buenno

Homozygous Tobiano Stallion: Solaris Buenno


Solaris Buenno is a handsome very well marked Homogygous Tobaino Stallion for those looking for quality, improver genetics and 100% colour outcomes.

Colour isn’t everything.  performance is key to breeding good stock and it seems that some stallions crop up again and again in British Bred Sports Performance horses; Lucky Boy is one of those.

The Lucky Boy breeding line in Solaris Buenno, a 2006 Homozygous Tobiano stallion owned by Solaris Sports Horses can only reassure breeders of his good liniage. Solaris Buenno (Umeno KWPN /wellington (DR) x patty (Lucky Boy( SJ))) is registered Scottish Sports Horse Stallion.  This attractive warmblood stallion already has 32 registered progeny over half of whom are Scottish Sports Horse Registered, and with one third of the mares returning, this has to be conformation of the potential seen by breeders in his progeny. His youngest from 2010 will make interesting watching as they start their competitive acreers over the next few years.

Umeno is a Dutch bred, SSH graded, show Jumping Stallion standing in South Africa. Both trees of his pedigree show remarkable versatility proving themselves in both dressage , jumping and in the show ring. With his offspring also producing successful 2nd generation competitive progeny, including the lovely Solaris Flambeaux, through Unemmo on his Dams side Solaris Achanenna.

Solaris Buenno Has Breeding Lines for Homogenous Tobiano Genetics

Dam line Edwina NRPS (Dutch) mare with 1st premium as a Scottish Sports Horse. X Darwina//Damenstoltz who also has Lucky Boy breeding lines through her sire Ed King Hill/Ekstein

His progeny are very successful in the show ring taking championships at all the Big Northern Shows.  His well made young stock are also being sold, not only to the European Market, but further afield too. His breeders are happy to share their successes and the beauty of his progeny; to a man there is high praise for his stock: For their movement, athleticism and temperament.  Solaris Buenno is a handsome well made improver general purpose stallion, with the advantage for those wanting coloured foals that he is the Homozgous Tobaino Stallion in the North with compelling performance genetics

Solaris Buenno – stands for Solaris Sports Horses and has a Stallion Profile listing on Horse Scout.  So if you are looking, particularly, for a homozygous Tobaino Stallion, with the added bonus of the best breeding and a well made athletic conformation, then this is definitely one for your tick list.

Jumping Stallion Country Farm Stud Challenge

Jumping Stallion for Performance: Challenge


KWPN registered Jumping Stallion Challenge is a handsome grey performance and improver stallion for the serious breeder. KWPN reg and Sports Horse Society GB graded, this Elite AES graded and licensed jumping stallion has a temperament which makes him both keen, clever and entirely “trainable” Tracy Newman who took the ride on him in 2013 has been bowled over by his attitude to training. She says “He finds his job easy, his canter makes you feel as if you could jump a mountain”

With his owner Derek Bolton Challenge started his career as an all round sports horse, He respectably completed 6 British Eventing competitions with each event culminating in just a dressage score to carry forwards (excp. One outing he had 8 time faults – whose quibbling?) He successfully qualified for the British Dressage Open Novice & Open Novice freestyle regionals with scores of up to 70% He had the highest jumping score of the day at his stallion grading. It seems that nothing phases this agile, powerful young jumping stallion.

Challenge has won over £2000. (Actual winnings) in his short career.

In 2013 he achieved :-

5th Overall in the National 6yr old Championship

3rd in the Newcomers Regional Final as well as

Qualified Foxhunter 2nd rounds,

Blue Chip 1.20m, &

Addington 6 yr old championship

Blue Chip Karma Champs,

National B&C Champs Winter Grade C Final

In terms of genetics and cumulative marks for confirmation Challenge has exemplary breeding lines.

Challenes’ Sire Lucky Boy is the Italian Ranked number 1 Sire and approved by eight leading stud books: WPN, Holstein, Oldenburg, SBS, Unire, Selle Francais, Oldenburg International, Irish Sport Horse. This grandson of Langraf was sired by Lavall II in his first stud year. And has the best Dressage and Jumping lines in his pedigree his dam sire Calypso I (Cor de la Bryere). His Dam line provides 65 approved Stallions including Ramiro Z.

Lucky Boys career as an international show jumper was crowned by qualification for the Olympic Games in 2004 having taken purses at 12 of the top international venues his 2003 season with arcus Ehning’s Stable saw him take top four places at the world championships.

Challenges’ Dam Woh I Noor (A Keur mare) is by the KWPN Foundation TB Roven. Roven was bred in Chilli and exported to America where he had a successful jumping career under Geofry Welsch (1.50m) and also Peter Geerink (1.40m). He had a wonderful temperament (one of Challenges good traits) A select few Thoroughbred stallions are used as foundation stallions to introduce particular traits which the KWPN see as advantageous to their breeding programme and Roven was described by the KWPN Jury as “Showing a uniform quality riding type, athletic foals which were high legged and standing in a good rectangular model. The foals have a good trot and a very supple, powerful, balanced canter. The TB injection here complimenting their performance horse breeding lines and boosting the value rating of successive generations. Whilst Thoroughbred Stallions themselves do not gain high values, generally, in the breeding rankings the KWPN highly rate the TB stallion Roven (xx) saying that he “boasts a remarkable breeding value” Examples of his well-known offspring include;

Winadja National Champion three-year-old Mare),

Zinadja (who passed the IBOP with 81.5 points),

Antara (who passed the IBOP with 85 points),

Contessa (the 2010 Central Inspection champion in the Thoroughbred-cross mares division).

One of only seven stalllions from his performance group in 2014,this year Hunter, owned by J.A. van, by Uden by Ukato x Antara elite ibop-(spr) by Roven has been picked as one of 35 stallions to be put forward for Performance tests.

Who I Nor is out of the Grand Prix Show Jumper Koh I Nor (Creool x Twiggy/Lucky Boy(Langraf 1)) and Esther who produce 5 Grand Prix/international show jumping horses out of 6 foals.

Karen Raine who owns Country Farm Stud offers A.I. for Challenge ,owned by Derek Bolton who also stands Challenge.

You can find out more about the jumping stallion Challenge on his Horse Scout Profile on the Horse Scout website.

Karen Raine specialist Breeding & Performance Horse Assessor takes both full and part time students for Work Based Diploma Courses (NVQ) throughout the year.

Catherston Liberator Thoroughbred Event Stallion

A Thoroughbred Stallion for Eventing Catherston Liberator


A Thoroughbred Stallion for Eventing Catherston Liberator is the ideal improver Stallion

A Thoroughbred Eventing Stallion with so many strings to his bow.  Not only has he had a very successful career in a wide range of disciplines but his progeny too are showing clear star quality themselves.

Top sire young horses aged 4-8 ranked 14 (296 points) and 10th with 397 points in 2013 with British Eventing

Catherston Liberator shows just why he is the thoroughbred stallion for eventing with his own concrete career in the event world gaining  66 points British Eventing and in the money at every event in his last season and taking 12 points for each of his last three wins at Longleat, Wilton and Somerly Park Intermediates.


In 2007 cousins, Catherston Dazzler (x Welton Gazelle Catherston Liberators Grand dam) and Catherston Liberator where both ranked in the Futurity Stallion Rannkings for three progeny with the highest scores as Dressage Sires


Catherston Liberator is an impressively well made stallion with the classic good looks of the best of thoroughbreds. His head and neck are set well on a good shoulder with a great coupling front to back and he stands four square.  He raced for eight years proving just how good his conformation is and how well his lovely well made legs have served him.

A Career that proves Catherston Liberator is the right Throughbred Stallion for Eventing Breeding

He followed racing with a career in Dressage (435 points: Advanced) and also taking a fair sized pot in the showjumping arena (£346: Grade C) and finished at the top of his game in Eventing (66 points: Advanced). Not content to rest on his laurels he has since been a schoolmaster at Advanced Medium for Jennie Lorsiton Clarks daughter and also taken the ribbons in Veteran Classes at the National Hunter Show classes too.

He has returned from Langaller Farm in Bovey Tracey, after five years, to stand at Catherston Stud and would make a valuable contribution to both amateur and professional breeding programmes.

Breeding that makes a Thoroughbred Stallion right for Eventing

Catherston Dazzlers’ sire Liboi ran 71 races both on the flat and over hurdles. He won 10 races and was placed in 23. That is a seriously impressive success rate!.  He was also a tough thoroughbred who retired sound despite an intense career on the track. He certainly deserved his Champion TB Stallion at the Ponies of Britain Show in both 1984 and 85.  He also took the reserve Champion (over 14.2hh) at the Essex County Show in 1987.

Loboi sired winners in both flat and hurdle racing and also in the show ring.  His other noteworthy progeny is the Graded Stallion Grand Prix Dressage Catherston Humbug.

His dam, Catherston Jetstream, had great breeding lines.  By the Dutch horse Jashin, who was sire of Olympic horse Sunny Boy and Beau Bravado.  Catherston Jetstream was a very successful Show Jumper with earning £2,000 in winnings.  Catherson Jetstream bred 5 foals. Her own progeny taking top places at Futurity  and her daughter Catherston Dream Machine bred Catherston What A Dream, a sliver medal British Warmblood who competed at Small Tour and also Catherston Springstream who took Champion Hunter as a foal and is successfully competing BSJA.


For Breeders looking for Catherston Liberator , he stands at the Catherston in Stockbridge, Hampshire and has a Stallion profile on Horse Scouts’ website.  Use this link to find out more about his successful progeny.

Woodlander Stud, Woodlander Rockstar

Woodlander Stud: BWS-UK Stallion Woodlander Rockstar


Woodlander Rock Star – Woodlander Stud’s homebred British Warmblood  and grade 1 Oldenburg Dressage Stallion

A good looking British Warm Blood Stallion with the all important look at me presence.

Woodlander rockstar is very powerful and now competing with the Eilbergs at Inter II

Woodlander Rock Star – Woodlander Stud British Warmblood

A good looking British Warm Blood Stallion with the all important look at me presence.  He is very powerful  stallion, and yet entirely contained, and now competing with the Eilbergs at Grand Prix. He has the wonderful, and covetable, ability to move from an expressive passage full of power and elevation into a relaxed walk across the arena and back to show some passage with so much lift and rhythm that you cannot help but be truly impressed;: Not his temperament which allows such a calm approach to a contained jet power driven performance. In the spring of 2013 Lynne Crowden had commented the she was looking forward to his move into the 70’s and he has transitioned seamlessly gaining over 70% at Lemieux National Championships in 2013 and has, since, taken respectable points at all his outings, building on his great success on the 2009 Success on the Sunshine Tour where he won all nine of his classes.  His 2012 seson saw his move into FEI Inter II competition and he took the reserve National Champion that year too. These results were predicted by his grading judges who foresaw an international career ahead of him.

There is no doubt that he is being favoured as a dressage stallion to date with 2 good looking offspring at the 2014 Futuity  as both as sire and dam sire and again in the 2013 Futurity awards with 4 progeny put forward for dressage grading (as sire of and dam sire). Woodlander Rockstar gained a certificate of merit at the Futurity Dressage yearling in 2012 and It was in 2011  that Woodalnder Rock Music came before the judges and he set the bar high for his siblings to follow.

An early foal by Woodlander Rockstar, Woodlander Rapido, campaigned so ably by Annette Ruth Davis-Green is now competing at FEI Inter 1 and PSG and has 368 points at the time of writing and has gained points at every outing over the last tow years.

Woodlander Studs Woodlander Rockstar is by Rotspon/Rubenstein 1 x Anatalia

Woodlander Rockstars’ Sire Sire Rotspon by Rubinsein 1 x state premium mare Antalia was known and admired for his great temperament too, making training such a pleasure  and productive. His good sloping shoulder and elegantly long neck, and of course his sleek jet black colouring are also features which Woodlander Rockstar and his progeny are carrying through. His Grand Sire Rubenstein 1 was prodigiously successful as a performance horse with 40 winds at Grand Prix and he was also a member of the gold winning team at the 1996 Olympics. With 89 State Premium mares and 66 approved stallions.

Dam St Premium Savannah/Sandro x Lollipop

Woodlander Roackstars’ State Premium dam, Savannah, (San Paolo mare) sadly passed on in 2012 but she was a prodigious mare. Her own temperament was “fiery” as Lynne Crowden said in the lovely obituary she wrote for this Woodlander foundation mare which she had bought with the help of hermother. However her offspring have demonstrated again and again just why they are so popular because they are so “ridable” her last two foals have been secured by Maria & Michael Eiberg; certainly a sign of the quality of her progeny. Two embryo transfer foals where born of her. One, Supertramp, has progeny already proving their quality successfully at the Futurity Awards. Savannah, at her own gradings, had impressive scoring in her jumping test and undoubtedly it is her abilities which also pass to Woodlander Rockstars’ Progeny who are coming on to the competitive scene in all disciplines.

I have saved his other successful progeny for another blog…there are just so many!

Medal Mare Woodlander Repartee (2005) – Foal Champion 2005

Woodlander Rallentissez (2006) – Dressage horse, Mare Performance Test Champion

Penhaligon Rockstein (2006) – High Scoring Young Dressage Horse Woodlander Rapido (2006) – Foal Champion 2006 Finalist Shearwater Nationals 2010 & 2011

Woodlander Rhythm n Blues (2007) – Graded Stallion

Woodlander Roxanne (2007) – Foal Champion 2007

Woodlander Ravi Shankar (2008) – Youngstock & Supreme champion 2009

Woodlander Rocketman (2008)

Woodlander Stud has profiles for all its stallions on Horse Scout and you can find a link to Woodlander Rockstar here.


Woodlander Summertime Blues

UK Hanoverian Stallion: Woodlander Summertime Blues


If you a re looking for a future star then  UK Graded UK Hanoverian Stallion Woodlander Summertime Blues  should be top of your list

Woodlander Summertime Blues was the top 2 year old dressage horse at the British Breeding Futurity in 2014 and has also been graded with both the German and UK Hanoverian Societies and with the WBS-Uk.

I am looking forward to seeing him mature, some tension during his stallion show was evident but the judges still praised him for his great power and long lines he shows all the elasticity and expression that the judges look for. His natural elevation can be seen in his trot and he will only improve on this with training under saddle. Lynne Chapman says he also has a super canter, which is going to prove invaluable in a horse with this lovely confirmation. At his Hanoverian grading the Judge, Dr Christmann, said of this eye catching black 16.3hh Stallion that “…he was the image of his great grand dam, the mare St Pr Pikantje who was German National Champion under saddle.

Woodlander Summertime Blues’ Sire, Spörcken, was the highest priced stallion at the 2010 verden Auctions, and deservedly so. An exceptionally elegant uphill and powerful horse with an beautiful trot. His well made shoulder and forearm allowing the coveted forward, elevated and elegant gait so coveted in the dressage arena. Spörcken Is by the world famous Sir Donnerhall, himself a successful performance horse, he is sire of an impressive list of Bundeschampion offspring,. Sir Donnerhall was the five year old world champion dressage horse, with 89 licenced stallions by him and 80 state premium registered mares to his record.

La Beale Isoud,Spörckens’ dam Sire is by Lauries Crusador xx a had success on the British racing Circuit was a Hanoverian State Stallion for 23 years. He sired 2,713 foals of which 264 mares became state premium and 55 sons were licensed.

Woodlander Summertime Blues’ Dam Moulin Rouge Daughter of Alabama who also bred The licensed WSBS graded stallion Santana. The Graded Warmblood Breeders Studbook stallion for 2009 bred at Woodlander Stud and now standing for the Trevoulter Barton Stud

Dam Sire is the tall Elegant Grand Prix Stallion (2xBundecshampionat Finalist ) Margue Hwho has a high percentage of TB in his breeding through his sire the Anglo Arab Mont Du Chantal with Florestan ii, through Mon Fleury, boosting his great modern shape., he has Cardinal XX on his Dams side. Standing for Sue Carson (Saddles) List 1 British dressage Judge, who says “…he is a powerful, handsome and willing ride” from whom his delighted owner claims, she has learnt a huge amount. Margue H Progeny are now making headlines at Grand Prix with Mystery (by Margue H x Delano) ridden by the Polish rider Zaneta Skowronska on the podium at the 2014 CDI Radzionkow on home territory.

Woodlander Summertime Blues is definitely a star of the future,  a young stallion waiting in the wings. To find out more about Woodlander Stud and Woodlander Summertime Blues visit www.horsescout.co.uk

This Uk Hanoverian Stallion Woodlander Summertime Blues has his own stallion profile page on the Horse scout website.


Show Jumping Stallion Babeleh

Show Jumping Stallion Review: Babeleh


For Breeders Looking to Improve Performance with a Show Jumping Stallion: Balebeh offers concessions to Grade A mares.

For those breeding to improve performance in show jumping the stallion Balenbeh is a handsome, compact, well made Selle Italiono with a good shoulder slope and humorous length giving him a good shape over a fence. Now campaigned by Emma Jowsey here in the UK.

Standing at Ballinmore Stud in Yorkshire this lovely show jumping performance stallion has already proved his genetics with offspring competing in the international arena. As a young sire his progeny included A Brok a chestnut KWPN 2005 gelding15 currently competing at a 1.50m level with Rein Pill, and the KWPN Registered Bay Stallion Abaldo.

Bred in Holland by Alessandro Pellegrini, an internationally recognised Show Jumping Breeder, who has bred and produced top show jumpers for more than 20 years. Balebeh was Graded and Approved with the Zangersheide stud as a 4 year old Stallion and was 5th at the Dutch National Stallion Championships. He is also a Graded AES Stallion and has been awarded the Silver Stallion Medal with the BSJA.

His Show Jumping career was started in Italy at 6 years old and he has competed at CSI 4* Level, jumping here in the UK and in Italy.

Babelehs’ own show jumping genetics are assured. His sire is the Olympic stallion Baloubet du Rouet . Baloubet du Rouet is a 3 times World Champion Show Jumping Stallion with 2 gold medals and an Olympic Team Bronze. And this line comes from Galbouet by Alme, also an Olympic stallion, winning team gold at the World Show Jumping Championships in 1982.

His dam Tallisman Girl (Lucky boy xx. ) has also bred Millemiglia (2001) who is already successfully campaigned by the Italian International Show Jumper Filippo Moyersoen. Another relation from Alessandro Pellegrinis’ stable is Adwana (Lucky Boy/Lucky Boy xx) is campaigned by International Show Jumper, turned Eventer, Juan Carlos Garcia.

Lucky Boy XX has 27 approved stallions to his name and is clearly one of the key foundation stallions of the modern Show Jumper.

This well made show jumping stallion, Balebeh, has a neat, powerful jump. He is an agile stallion with plenty of power and yet has a surprisingly long stride, which is why he has been successful on the international tracks. He also has the best of temperaments, not only to cope with the stresses of a show jumping career but also one which makes him a dream to handle at home.

For Breeders looking for an excellent stallion which offers good value this show jumping improver stallion has a Stallion Profile on Horse Scout and offers concessions to Grade A Show Jumping Mares.




Samara fly Dual Purpose Stallion

Dual Purpose Stallion the Skewbald Tobiano Samara Fly


An eye catching and coloured Dual Purpose performance stallion Samara Fly standing at Longacres Stud

Samara Flys’ credentials as a Dual Purpose Stallion

Samara Fly carries his 17.0hh with powerful athleticism. Owned by Mandy Sanderson, Samara Fly is a Dual Purpose Anglo European Registered Sports Horse with a passport full of ticks in the right boxes.  His pedigree Sambertino KWPN (Samber ex Illustra), Dam: Annie XVIII SHB(GB) (Tullibards Shakespeare ex Grange Girl Pet) back up his performance potential..

However, its not just performance that matters to breeders and temperament is often key to stallion choice.  This quiet, companionable and highly trainable stallion lives on a mixed yard and hacks out on the moors at home from the Longacres Stud.

His “clients” are obviously very happy with their offspring and this is more than backed up by the number of breeders posting up to Samara Flys’ “facebook” page.  What has been very interesting is the obvious stamp of Samara Fly on his offspring: They do, to a man, seem to stand well on all four corners with good shape to their bodies and well set heads and necks. Interestingly, they are, bar a very few, all coloured and most carry the widened blaze over the nostrils.  The over arching impression though is one of interest in the camera!! Something their father is not shy of either.

Samara Fly is fully graded with both CHAPS UK and ISPA (now LHI). The Irish Sports Horse grading thorough his dams line as well as a fully licensed stallion with the Zfdp (Zuchtverband fuer deutsche Pferde e. V.) where he was the youngest UK stallion, at the time, to receive this grading. His grandsire the Skewbald KWPN Samber was not only a very useful jumping horse but also a Grand Prix dressage horse.

In 2011 he received his full AES (Anglo European Studbook) grading as a Dressage Stallion.  Indeed another first for this lovely coloured stallion.

Samara Fly is Dual Purpose in the Judges Eyes

His judges would, it seems agree with his usefulness as a dual purpose horse. In the same year he qualified for Badminton Young Dressage Horse gaining a 7th at the finals, he also qualified for, and made a good account of himself, in the Summer Regionals that year and qualified for the Pet Plan Medium following this up with a qualification for the Winter Regionals too.

He has started his jumping career under British Show Jumping with Sarah Lundy and has also made successful appearances in the show ring.

As a performance horse Samara Fly is working well, and above average for a horse of his age. Campaigned from Novice up to PSG by YGB rider Alex C Ingoe-Topham under Michael Eiberg since 2010. Michael has been a supporter of this horses career and who firmly believed that this lovely horse would go to Grand Prix (and I have no doubt he was right!) said;

So much upward movement, the like I have never seen in a Coloured Horse ! …”He is the Coloured horse of the future…The one to Watch !!”

The ride is now with Hannah Doggett who has upped his game, and his success record since April this year. His results are nothing less than impressive.  Competing at Advanced Medium and Prix Saint Georges he has taken a ribbon at every show so far with upwards of 665% at most outings and an impressive 67.3% at AM for the Summer Qualifier at Cockshot along with top slot on her other ride the Andalusian stallion Hortelano Cen in the Medium.

At the Hartpury Festival of Dressage Michael Eiberg must have been pleased to see Samara Fly with Hanna Hoggett in the Elite Stallion class where this young stallion performed well in a very strong field where the marks ranged from just touching 60 right up to the outstanding score by Micheal Eibergs’ ride with Woodlander Farouche at 0ver 77%.

Longacres Stud, who bred from Samara Fly as a 3 year old, have 33 of his progeny with the stud prefix Longacres. Samara fly has some 55 progeny now listed the first looking set to show the world how successful Samara Fly Progeny will be.

With his progeny featuring in the Futurity programs across all three disciplines he is proving himself a versatile performance improving dual purpose stallion and even only so few years in his ranking with BEF is already 7.77.

You can find out more about this attractive dual purpose performance stallion through his profile on horse Scout the website which connects breeding lines and professionals.

Aimbry Chester Performance Pony Stallion

Performance Pony Stallion: Aimbry Chester


Breeders Looking for Picture Perfection in a Performance Pony Stallion: the nomination must surely go to Aimbry Chester

The perfect performance sports pony Stallion Aimbry Chester is also the eye catching face of Baileys Horse feeds and a catalogue model.  He has everything. He is Everything and he gives everything too.  The list of successful progeny on his End House Stud Biography page is awe inspiring. His family connections read as a who’s who in the performance arena in showjumping, dressage, and Eventing with their success reflected in his being graded as a lifetime Sports Pony Stallion followed by a certificate of excellence awarded by the SPSS  for the most progeny to be registered with them by any Sports Pony Stud Society stallion.

At 15.hh this lovely British Warmblood stallion has a wonderful photograph on his profile page on www.horsescout.co.uk  showing his lovely head and photogenic allure. Aimbury Chester is a breathtakingly beautiful horse with tremendous paces. He is short coupled with natural elevation, cadence and outstanding good looks. He gives an overall picture of incredible beauty proving to be a natural performer excelling throughout all stages of his dressage career. He was selected as a member of the Supporters Of British Breeding Dressage Quadrille at the Young Riders European Championships opening ceremony held at Hartpury College. But its not just in the dressage arena that Aimbury Chester shows a huge careful jump over coloured poles, is completely at home across country and the only time he was shown in hand as a youngster he qualified for the Royal International Horse Show. After several years away from competition due to his busy stud commitments he returned triumphant from the Northern Horse Show winning the Riding Horse Stallion class, qualifying for both the British Show Horse Association ( BSHA) National Championships, & the National Pony Society  Ottergayle Supreme In Hand Riding Horse Championship, at fifteen years of age this was surely a testament to his soundness, temperament and breeding.

For breeders wanting to produce consistence then End House Studs’ Aimbury Chester has a predominantly bay gene and has never thrown chestnut. His lineage includes some of the top performance horses in the world such as showjumping stallions Ramiro Z , Lady Killer, Galanthus, Rastell , Raimondo, and the famous olympic mare Ratina Z gold medal winner at WEG 1994. . Wadacre Chicko, who was a graded BWBS Stallion and advanced dressage horse by Atlantus, a legend in his own life time being sire of more graded Stallions and medal winning Mares than any other British Warm Blood Society Stallion. Annika was a BWBS graded Danish warm blood Mare dam of the highest priced yearling at the High Performance Sales in 1993. Rum Moss is the dam of graded Stallions, top class competition horses including Asslam member of the Italian Showjumping team, his pedigree also includes Quorum, sire of three times Grand National Winner Red Rum .

Aimbury Chester is the ideal sire for breeders wanting to produce the archetypal eye catching competition pony, Dressage, FEI pony,  looking for HOYS potential, or a Riding Horse or  Hunter with the right temperament and looks and presence in Hunter & WHP and the top class Show pony.

If you would like to find  out more please click through to Aimbury Chesters stallion profile on Horse Scout here: Aimbry Chester – Gisburn, Lancs

As a taster of the success you could be breeding here are a list of just some of his highly successful progeny including graded stallions and winners in all performance arenas:

Chester’s Cloudy Bay

Parkgate Royal Visit

Springtime Breeze,

Bushburn Aramist

Bowland Whispering Lady

Aimbry Kymmara

Paddocklow Persephone

Classical Echo

Paddocklow Supernova


Sweet Gemini

Burgundy’s Dream Warrior

Kerranen Merlyn…. In fact the list of winners, champions and supremo’s just goes on and on!

Aimbury Chester is, crucially, the sire of of Thursden Vallye Raphael Multi-Champion In-Hand and Ridden 14hh Sports Pony Stallion. Who also qualified for HOYS 2010 Cuddy In-hand Final, multi supreme champion ridden and in hand NPS stallion, BEF 1 st premium 07, 20 BD points competing elementary level – who in turn sired champion Pony Foal in Ireland at Cavan All Ireland Championships 2008.

And another stallion Thursden Vallye Raphael a handsome 14hh stallion licensed with the National Pony Society, & Graded with the Sports Pony Stud book who also stands at End House Stud and has a profile on Horse Scout. Who also boasts a string of very successful progeny himself. And you can find his Horse Scout listing here