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Licenced AES Stallion Footloose LG

AES Licensed Stallion Footloose LG


 AES Licensed Stallion Footloose LG is the perfect choice as an improver stallion particularly for eventing or showjumping.  He has great genetics on both his sire (Numero Uno) and his dam (Ushi Picciano) sides with Keur and St Pref gradings featuring heavily on both sides.

Licensed with the Anglo European StudbookFootloose is a stallion with the right genetics for the future of British Breeding

Footloose is well built with powerful hindquarters offering exceptional hip hock alignment giving him a strong and powerful hind leg action, his sire, Numero Uno, gained a 9 for his explosive take off at his grading. For breeders looking for a stallion to bring quality, temperament and innate jumping ability along with an injection of TB quality (vvv Lady KillerXX) this lovely sports horse stallion has to be a good choice.

His Sire Numero Uno (Libero H v Langraf 1) has bred a prolific number of proven performance horses, mostly in show jumping but also in the other disciplines and has earned himself Keur rating in the KWPN Studbook with a breeding value in the 140’s (NL) scoring 97% reliability as a jumping stallion for the last two years and consistently in the mid to high 90’s since 2009 as a jumping stallion and was judged as an excellent jumper with a good potential for dressage. Numero Uno’s progeny have been judged at grading shows as having well made rectangular bodies with long necks which are well muscled a steep jumping shoulder and excellent jumping hind legs. Their conformation allowing flexibility, strength and agility.  In 2013 WBSFH Numero Uno was in the top ten rankings for Show Jumping Sires along with Baboulet De  Rouet, Kannan,Coronet Obolensky, Diament de Semilly and Contendro 1 all also listed on the Stallion listings on Horse Scouts Website and also with information and reviews on our Blog.

Footloose’s dam line is also impressive Ushi Picciana is a Keur Mare with by Royal Bravoir (another horse with a high jumping breeding coefficient) who was, himself, a grand prix show jumper breeding an impressive number of jumpers (including Ushi Picciana). Ushi Picciana x Daisy, a state premium Keur mare, who bred 7 offspring including grand prix jumper Tatum and Arriba, both also Keur mares.

This handsome well made stallion is, of course,  still young and it will be interesting to see his career unfold.  Horse Scout is pleased to have this useful stallion profiled on its web site.  To connect with LG Sports horses or to link through to the  AES Licensed  Stallion Footloose LG please use this link.

Anglo Arabs – French Relations…but no politics!


Allo Allo Allo! The Anglo-Arab Story owes much to the French

What breed is the third oldest breed in the world? it is the Anglo-Arabian horse!

An Anglo-Arabian is a horse consisting of any combination of Arabian and Thoroughbred lineage, with no more than 75% nor less than 25% Arabian blood. As a type description the horse should fulfill the following criteria which  should be intermediate between the Arabian and the Thoroughbred.  The horse should have the elegance, endurance and lightness of movement of the Arabian with the Thoroughbred contributing size and greater speed.

Elite grade 1 stallion All That Jazz  is standing in Andover, Hampshire (fee £500) was imported to Biddesden from Victoria in Australia as a colt. His sire is the Arab stallion SS City Lights who was bred in the USA and nearly 16 hands. His dam is Belingo, an Australian Thoroughbred by Saulingo. Jazz was always a tall colt with great scope to his stride. He has the softest and springiest of canters as all who have been lucky enough to ride him will attest. He was taken through the ranks to advanced level in British Eventing by William Fox-Pitt and went hunting for a season with the South and West Wilts. His foals have been successful in the show ring and have made a promising start in eventing, with their big strides and elegant steady head positions.

Internationally, Anglo-Arabians are chosen because of their outstanding athletic ability. They are best at such sport horse activities as hunter/jumper, cross country, dressage, show hack, endurance and competitive trail riding.

Anglos are also very popular for racing. However, as a breed, it all started in france.

The French Connection

  1. These horses were first bred in France in the 1836 under the control of the French National Stud Service. English Thoroughbred mares, first imported to France in the mid-18th century, were crossed with Arabians left in that country after the defeat of the Moslems.
  2. Breeders from Normandy created the Anglo-Arabian as early as 1750.
  3. In1833, at Le Pin studfarm, Mr. de Bonneval began the actual creation of the Anglo-Arabian breed and an ordinance by Louis Phillipe created the French Studbook where the English, Arab and Anglo-Arab horses could be found. Mr. Gayot was made manager of Le Pin Stud, his goal was to establish a “French Thoroughbred” and when he was made manager of Pompadour in 1843, he took his “family” with him.
  4. In 1848, Gayot published the first part of “La France Chevaline.”
  5. Thus the Anglo-Arabian breed was born.
  6. It took several years for it to become established, but its importance became apparent among the famous French breeds of “Selle” horses. (The breed “Selle Français” is genetically an Anglo-Arabian.)
  7. By 1850, Anglo-Arabian stallions were used for both pure and cross-breeding. By 1860 race competitions exclusively for Anglo-Arabians were popular.
  8. In 1880, the Anglo-Arabian breed requirements were formally established.
  9. The characteristics of the Anglo-Arabian made it the European epitome of a war horse – dexterity, strength and endurance.
  10. Calvary horses became outdated after World War I, but with the advent of military equestrian sports in the 1920’s, and Anglos winning in all disciplines at all levels, their popularity soared.
  11. Today’s modern German warmblood breeds are indebted to several key Anglo-Arabians, such as Matcho, Inschallah and Ramzes, for their contribution of refinement and athletic abilities, and are hardly conceivable without the influence of these sires.

Horse Scout has some lovely Anglo Arabs for sale and listed as stallions for this year.

Meraldos –  a handsome 16hh grey gelding gelding (2006). His pedigree boasts the brilliant genes of top performance stallion Heraldik XX (Nr 1 of the WBHSH ranking of eventing horses; 14 approved sons). His dam competed Advanced medium level in Dressage. Owned (by Veterinary Surgeon) since birth, never been lame or sick. He has 3 flashy, uphill paces and good rhythm; he moves easily, fluid and supple.  He has a truly lovely, enchanting temperament and is excellent to load and handle in everyway. Meraldos is a top quality horse with a gentle easy manner, making him perfect for a professional rider or an ambitious amateur.

Resonance a 4 year old Anglo Arab mare by Sisyrinchium and out of ex-hurdler Rattina. Resonance has been lightly schooled and appeared in preliminary classes at the Arab Horse Show at Malvern. She appears to be a high class Show Hack in the making or a competition horse. Resonance also won her first showjumping class in late August 2014.