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A stallion at stud is a male horse that does not compete, meaning they are used exclusively for breeding and can sire offspring.

Oldenburg Stallion At Stud in the UK Seano Gold

Oldenburg Stallion at Stud in the UK: Serano Gold


Oldenburg Stallions at stud in the UK making Top Money  – Serano Gold has some impressively priced offspring at the elite auctions.

With the European Championships well underway in Aachen over the next few days it seems that Sandro Gold has not only friends but many relations representing their country at this important equestrian competition this year. Bought by the Romanno Stud in 2013. Jennifer Gilchrist is the owner of this Approved Oldenburg stallion at stud in the UK who has presence, power and grace  presented in a beautifully made body. Graded with both the OALL Southern German Societies Oldenburg and the Sports Horse Breeders – GB

This lovely Oldenburg Stallion was Reserve Champion at his performance test as a 3 year old just two months after he was backed, and, two months later, was 5th in a well contested Warendorf Bundeschampionat in 2006 gaining extremely high marks for ridability.

His ridability is something this Oldenburg Stallion demonstrates so well in the arena, with a ground covering trot and a distinctive lift and lightness in his rhythmic animated paces.  He has a relaxed and powerful piaffe and a lovely canter. His grading marks awarding him 9.75 for temperament and he achieved marks between 9 and 10 for his basic paces.

His Sire Sandro Hit has offspring at the European Championships today; Santana (Han.) Sandro Hit x Rubinstein and is representing Sweden with Minna Telde in the Grand Prix today.

SERANO GOLD was vice champion of 3yo stallions in Rastede in 2004, where he also was placed in the final of the Bundeschampionat. He has always been impressive. and qualified for the Bundeschampionat in 2004 where was placed in the final and again in 2006 & 2007 where he sadly through no fault of his own was unable to attend the finals.

In 2006, the year that Edward Gal took the ride,  every one of Serano Golds’ foals received the Oldenberg Premium Title crowning him “The Foal Maker” He has sired several approved breeding stallions including the 2010 BWBS reserve champion SERANO and also SFORZANDO (Oldenburg Graded) A stunning black stallion was produced by Woodlander Stud for his owners Brian and Beverley Rumbold  won his first Shearwater qualifier in 2012 when he did not get less than 8 and has been campaigned by Gregory Simms since Februray this year in BD classes. CASHMIR (approved Swedish warm blood society) is owned by Fiona Bigwood (Team GB at todays dressage in  Aachen). Cashmirnow has 80 BD points taking 1st in every one of  his classes up to FEI PSG last year.

Serano Golds’ progeny are gaining top prices at the auctions

SMILLA P for 40,000 euros and

SOPRESSO for 40,000 euros at the Vechta Elite auctions,

STRAHLEMANN for 27,000 euro in 2012

And his breeding lines still taking centre stage at world class international dressage competition.  The Romanno Stud are, duly, proud of the excellent Oldenburg Stallion who passes on everything which is good about him.

 To find out more about his breeding and the Oldenburg genetics which have stood him, and his offspring, so well visit his Horse Scout Stallion Profile on the Horse Scout Website.




Woodlander Stud, Woodlander Rockstar

Woodlander Stud: BWS-UK Stallion Woodlander Rockstar


Woodlander Rock Star – Woodlander Stud’s homebred British Warmblood  and grade 1 Oldenburg Dressage Stallion

A good looking British Warm Blood Stallion with the all important look at me presence.

Woodlander rockstar is very powerful and now competing with the Eilbergs at Inter II

Woodlander Rock Star – Woodlander Stud British Warmblood

A good looking British Warm Blood Stallion with the all important look at me presence.  He is very powerful  stallion, and yet entirely contained, and now competing with the Eilbergs at Grand Prix. He has the wonderful, and covetable, ability to move from an expressive passage full of power and elevation into a relaxed walk across the arena and back to show some passage with so much lift and rhythm that you cannot help but be truly impressed;: Not his temperament which allows such a calm approach to a contained jet power driven performance. In the spring of 2013 Lynne Crowden had commented the she was looking forward to his move into the 70’s and he has transitioned seamlessly gaining over 70% at Lemieux National Championships in 2013 and has, since, taken respectable points at all his outings, building on his great success on the 2009 Success on the Sunshine Tour where he won all nine of his classes.  His 2012 seson saw his move into FEI Inter II competition and he took the reserve National Champion that year too. These results were predicted by his grading judges who foresaw an international career ahead of him.

There is no doubt that he is being favoured as a dressage stallion to date with 2 good looking offspring at the 2014 Futuity  as both as sire and dam sire and again in the 2013 Futurity awards with 4 progeny put forward for dressage grading (as sire of and dam sire). Woodlander Rockstar gained a certificate of merit at the Futurity Dressage yearling in 2012 and It was in 2011  that Woodalnder Rock Music came before the judges and he set the bar high for his siblings to follow.

An early foal by Woodlander Rockstar, Woodlander Rapido, campaigned so ably by Annette Ruth Davis-Green is now competing at FEI Inter 1 and PSG and has 368 points at the time of writing and has gained points at every outing over the last tow years.

Woodlander Studs Woodlander Rockstar is by Rotspon/Rubenstein 1 x Anatalia

Woodlander Rockstars’ Sire Sire Rotspon by Rubinsein 1 x state premium mare Antalia was known and admired for his great temperament too, making training such a pleasure  and productive. His good sloping shoulder and elegantly long neck, and of course his sleek jet black colouring are also features which Woodlander Rockstar and his progeny are carrying through. His Grand Sire Rubenstein 1 was prodigiously successful as a performance horse with 40 winds at Grand Prix and he was also a member of the gold winning team at the 1996 Olympics. With 89 State Premium mares and 66 approved stallions.

Dam St Premium Savannah/Sandro x Lollipop

Woodlander Roackstars’ State Premium dam, Savannah, (San Paolo mare) sadly passed on in 2012 but she was a prodigious mare. Her own temperament was “fiery” as Lynne Crowden said in the lovely obituary she wrote for this Woodlander foundation mare which she had bought with the help of hermother. However her offspring have demonstrated again and again just why they are so popular because they are so “ridable” her last two foals have been secured by Maria & Michael Eiberg; certainly a sign of the quality of her progeny. Two embryo transfer foals where born of her. One, Supertramp, has progeny already proving their quality successfully at the Futurity Awards. Savannah, at her own gradings, had impressive scoring in her jumping test and undoubtedly it is her abilities which also pass to Woodlander Rockstars’ Progeny who are coming on to the competitive scene in all disciplines.

I have saved his other successful progeny for another blog…there are just so many!

Medal Mare Woodlander Repartee (2005) – Foal Champion 2005

Woodlander Rallentissez (2006) – Dressage horse, Mare Performance Test Champion

Penhaligon Rockstein (2006) – High Scoring Young Dressage Horse Woodlander Rapido (2006) – Foal Champion 2006 Finalist Shearwater Nationals 2010 & 2011

Woodlander Rhythm n Blues (2007) – Graded Stallion

Woodlander Roxanne (2007) – Foal Champion 2007

Woodlander Ravi Shankar (2008) – Youngstock & Supreme champion 2009

Woodlander Rocketman (2008)

Woodlander Stud has profiles for all its stallions on Horse Scout and you can find a link to Woodlander Rockstar here.


Catherston Dazzler, British Sports Horse Stallion

British Sports Horse Stallion: Catherston Dazzler


Catherston Studs British Sports Horse Stallion Catherston Dazzler puts a sparkle in the eye of serious breeders

British Sports Horse Stallion Catherston Dazzler a Dual Purpose Improver Stallion with toughness, stamina and jump’ability, presence and grace built in, has Frozen Semen available to slected mares worldwide. He stood a good 16.1hh was and a traditional solid dark bay.

Catherston Dazzler a World Ranked British Sports Horse Stallion

In 2000 Catherston Dazzler was ranked 6th in the World Breeding Federation ranks. A leading WBF Ranked Stallion and held the record as the youngest stallion with the most proven performance horses competing. Today five years on he is still considered one of the Event worlds most serious breeding assets. His eventing  progeny are now competing on the Olympic Stage and are themselves internationally recognised competing Sydney Olympics, Badminton, Burghley and Rome in 2000 and this earned  him a life time achievement award in 202 from the supporters of British Breeding

Catherston Dazzler was by The Catherston Studs’ Foundation Stallion Dutch Courage Jennie Loriston Clarkes Bronze Medal Winning Olympic Dressage Ride out of Welton Gazelle, an advanced Event mare. Welton Gazelle is the dam of Summersong (Marie Christine Duroys’ Bedminton ride who stands in France). Catherston Dazzlers Progeny sire of some very successful event horses.

The list of British Sports Horses that he sired is impressive.

Catherston Dazzler is the Sire of:

Hyde Park Corner – 9th Individual Sydney Olympics 2000. 4th Fairhill 3 Day Event USA. Exported.

Broadstone Harvest Moon Winner Radnor 3 Day Event, USA International 3 Day Eventer

Leading Edge Team Gold and 4th Individual in Rome 2000. Member of the Young Riders European Squad 2000.

187 points, 1st Hopton Court AI, 3rd Peper Harrow, 5th Tidworth OI, 13th, 17th Osberton.

Benridge Sparkler 140 BD points, 77 BE and £25 BSJA.

128 BE points.

La Sylphide £1,243 BSJA winnings.

Indica Dazzler 4th Dutch National Dressage Championships 1994.

*** – Dazzling Effects, Midnight Dazzler

* – Burgie

Advanced – Faerie Dazzler Sir Lancelot,  Lady Guinevere

Eventers Dazzling Light  Snow, Dazzler , Sun Dazzler

Dual Purpose horse Razzle Dazzle 41 BE points, 33 BD points.

Show Jumper Daninos with  £2,300 winnings BSJA.

Not only was Catherston Dazzler a Grand Prix Dressage Horse but he was also a proven Event Horse and won other important championships such as the best potential competition horse championships.  This stallion shows everything that is best about the British Sports Horse breeding Program.

Graded BSHR No 3 SHB – GB Graded NTR 30167 BHD No 10

You can find Catherston Dazzlers Pedigree and details on the Horse Scout Web Site, along with details of other stallions standing at the Catherston Stud

Catherston Dazzler – Catherston Stud Stockbridge, Hampshire



Vince Homozygous Black Stallion

Homozygous Black Warmblood Stallion Review: Vince


Vince is a modern dressage horse with an elegant self carriage, presence and grace. This gorgeous homozygous black warmblood stallion stands at 17hh.  He is an eye catching stallion who exudes presence in the competitive arena. His progeny carry forwards this elegance and, being homozygous black, he breeds bay/black progeny. From Country Farm Studs, Vince had many successes as a young horse including winning or being placed in all the BD Young Horse Series tests (Shearwater, Rhinegold & Nuumed) qualifying him for the National BD Young Horse Championships.

Vince’s warmblood sire Gribaldi KWPN Keur stallion was ridden by Edward Gal to countless victories in the international arena and was a leading dressage sire.  His sons include Panted Black, Anky Van Grunsvens ride, and another of Edward Gals rides Moorlands Totias (himself a world record holder). Gribladi had sired 10 licensed sons and became the #1 sire producing consistently high caliber offspring. Vince is an example of his Gribaldis’ quality stamp.

Vince has been consistently awarded impressive scores including 9 for his walk and high 8’s for his trot and canter. Judges described him as a very athletic, loose moving horse with three excellent gaits and strong presence.

His consistent good scores resulted in him being invited to the World Class Start & Potential selection day, to be assessed by a panel of experts including Emile Faurie and Carl Hester. Vince also has numerous wins at novice & elementary level with scores over 75%, and he has regularly qualified for the regional dressage championships. He has all the ingredients required to produce consistent results at advanced dressage competitions.

His progeny are still young but are certainly quality horses in their own right, and they have been given premium status by the Oldenburg Society.

Click here to view this eye-catching stallion on Horse Scout

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Cevin Z

Performance Stallions at Stud : Cevin Z


Cevin Z, one of the Billy Stud stables’ top performance stallions at stud is standing at West Kington Stud this season.  Left to William Funnel by his owner Heather MacPherson, he was proving himself as a talented performance horse. His strength was certainly in his temperament and consistency, and his six year old season in 2003 indicated just how talented this horse was when he achieved fourth place in the Foxhunter Championship at the Horse of the Year Show.

This handsome grey Holstein performance horse stallion ridden by William Funnel in 2007 took a purse of £8,000 at Lisbon, Vimeiro, Chantilly and at home taking the top ribbons in the County Shows. William was convinced that Cevin Z would make a top Grand Prix horse whose first progeny in 2007 where already showing the same potential and great temperament of Cevin Z.

This lovely horses big circuit career was cut short by a fetlock injury in 2008. However, his breeding and his successful progeny say everything about him as a performance stallion at stud.

Bred at the Zanersheide Stud in Belgium, he has the outstanding bloodlines that Zangersheide is justly famous. Cevin Z has double crosses of Cor de la Bryere and Capitol 1.  He was top priced foal when he was sold in 1997 to Heather MacPherson. Cevin Z’s sire, Coriall Z, is one of the top stallions of the Zangersheide Stud, with a BLUP of 127 for show jumping, as well as two graded sons. His dam, Larthago by Carthago Z (9 graded sons), was an international show jumper and her progeny have fetched high prices in Europe.

Here are just some of his progeny and their rankings in the competitive arena:

Billy Mexico –  Jumping CSIS 5* won £1,080 last season Standing Billy Stud

Billy Du Montois – Standing at Billy Stud and who looks very like his Sire

Billy Deniro – jumping 1.45 successful season last year standing at Billy Stud

Penny Borough Z – on the Itlaian Olympic event team at aged 9 and won the 7 year old British Eventing Champion in 2010 and also placed 5th in the 7 year old European Championships at Lyon d’Angers

Billy Bounce – was 3rd in the British Eventing 6 year old Championships in 2010.

Billy Manhattan – sold to Norway won the Norwegian 6 Year Old Championships,

Billy On Show – also sold to Norway won the 2* G

Click here to view this eye-catching stallion on Horse Scout

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Contendro 1

Holsteiner Stallion at Stud: Contendro I by Contender


Holsteiner Stallion at Stud Contendro I by Contender (Sire of Bayano/Flora Harris) is Holstein breeding at its very best.  Standing for Select Stallions, Contendro I, was the only Holstiener stallion at stud, in the world, in the top 10 WBFSH for showjumping and eventing. He is ranked number 8 in the show jumping rankings and number 3 in the eventing rankings last season.  His progeny also feature in this years listings for jumping and eventing this June.

This handsome 2009 dark bay Holsteiner stallion stands 16.2hh had a short sport career himself and has mainly been used for breeding. His offspring are exceptionally convincing.

Contendro 1’s progeny read like the who’s who of the competitive arena. These include show jumpers:

‘Codex One’ (Christian Ahlmann)  represented who Germany in the 2012 Olympics, and the 2013 European silver team medal who in 2012 has won 33K Euro this season alone with a total pot  of 317,700 to date  (8th WHSFH)

Callahan took individual gold at the Asian Games

Cabalito (ranked 9 WBSFH – June 2015)

Hello Annie (ranked 8th WBSFH June 2015)

Holiday By Solitour (Janne Friederike Meyer)

Cappuccino (Abdullah Khamis Ali Saeed),

Campbel (Marcus Ehning)

Loro Piana (Biricchina Bella)

In eventing Contendro I has produced 17 WBSFH ranked event horses (June 2015)

RF West Indie (110 points WBSFH June 2015)

Mark Todds Olympic individual 12th ‘Campino’

FRH Corrida took the Bundeschampion title in eventing

Andrew Hoy’s ‘Cheeky Calimbo’ 4th in 3 star British Eventing Festival,

Cato 60


‘Revitavet Capato’ (Jordan Linstedt)

‘Contenda’ (Shane Rose)

With over thirty jumpers are on the World Ranking,  Select Stallions Holsteiner Stallion at Stud must be a first choice for anyone with a seriously competitive mare.

Click here to view this fantastic stallion on Horse Scout

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Silver Zenif

Crabbet Arabian Stallion at Stud: Silver Zenif


Stunning good looks and proven endurance in one neat package; Crabbet Arabian stallion at stud Silver Zenif

Silver Zenif has sired the first 100% Crabbet for Scotland this year and The Phoenix Field Arabian Stud  who are hoping for good results at the Futurity Awards with Silver Zenif first part-bred bay filly foal Golden Zarifah by AI to Advanced endurance mare Mrs Katie Doyle this year for Silver Zenif their Crabbet Arabian Stallion at stud.

Silver Zenifs profile is a veritable list of top accolades for this lovely Arabian horse.  He just exudes class and Silver Zenif is clear (negative) of genetic conditions LFS/CA/SCID associated with Arabian horses.  He would has all the hall marks of making a great sire to cross with natives or add blood to warmbloods for quality and stamina.

Silver Zenif will be graded with the sport horse society later this year because he is showing great promise for show jumping, dressage and endurance

2010   Silver Zenif was awarded 8.75 at The Grange, Futurity Grading Show for endurance young stock

2013   1st the regional qualifier and joint 2nd nationally by Endurance GBIn

2nd place at the Wales & West Arab Show

5th place at National Arab Show at Malvern (out of 12 stallions)

Top 100% Crabbet Stallion at the Show.

Represented the Hanif family group at the World Crabbet Convention

Completed the Endurance GB Cotswold Group Training

2014   Endurance GB: achieving a grade 1 at his first event.

Silver Zenif has started his unaffiliated dressage and SJ career and featured in the B&W Equine Stallion Parade at West Wiltshire Arena on 14/02/2015.

The Value of the Crabbet line horses with Crabbet ancestry are proven for athletic ability, attractive appearance, and good temperaments. They are seen in many equestrian disciplines, both in those limited to Arabians and those open to all breeds.

The particular virtues of Crabbet horses – sound, athletic conformation, good movement, solid temperament and performance ability – the quality they give to a breeding program shows in any competitive arena, and particularly in the Arabian-dominated field of endurance riding, Crabbet breeding is popular in the “Sport Horse” disciplines such as dressage and show jumping, for which the Arabian Horse Association now sponsors a National Championship.

Click here to view this Crabbat Arabian stallion on Horse Scout

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Anglo Arab Event Stallion Persiflage: Biddesdon Stud


Picture Perfect Persiflage Elegant Bay Anglo Arab National Stallion Association Grade 1 Elite Performance Stallion 1st choice for quality breeding.

Persiflage, a  stallion with the impressive and fluent movement of his famous sire Primitive Rising, who bred 96 Event Horses, as well as successful dressage and show jumping progeny, and whose line can be traced back to the Darley Arabian.

Persiflage has also inherited the undoubted elegance of his dams line the grace and agility of his dam’s family (including Tamarillo). Its interesting to note that the French and Trakhener stud books accept Arab bred horses in their stud books. The Arab crossing brings stamina, lightness of frame and toughness to a sporting or pleasure horse. Performance Arabs are an ideal cross with a variety of mares to bring that particular brave and honest approach to work that a proven performance Arab or Arab cross can.

Biddesdon Studs’ Persiflage has 60 points with British Eventing and £305 (£206 notional) with the BSJA. Persiflage is a keen and agile jumper. He has proved himself a consistent horse throughout his eventing career he has competed at CIC*** and regularly competes at Intermediate and Open Novice with Ruth Cuthbertson who has ridden him throughout his career. Persiflage also has winnings under BSJA rules.

Persiflage is suitable to sire Eventers and Endurance horses. He has been covering mares during his competition career and already has some impressive young stock to show for it.

And here are a few of them: Dunlewey Potentilla – A Connemara Cross has proved the perfect pony club pony with successes in team regionals, Halston Plantago and Halston Pimpernel ( both Novice Eventers) Dunlewey Pyrus (Young Horse evaluation Winner and now dressage team member) Holnest Mikado (In-hand Champion) Persiflage’s semen is available in the USA through EMCO Stallion Services.

Click here to view this Angelo Arab event stallion on Horse Scout

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Exclusive: Event Stallion

Performance Sports Event Stallion: Exclusive


A covetable stallion, Exclusive offers his first offspring this year.

Exclusive is a good looking Dutch Warmblood Stallion with Emily Llewellyn, known as Kevin at home, at Paddock Woods Stud. Standing 16.2hh, this handsome black event horse is a proven performance Eventing Stallion with the best British blood lines.

Campaigned by The Mayfly Syndicate, Exclusive won the Novice at Chatsworth International Horse Trials earlier this month.

British Eventing Magazine describe Exclusive as ‘A covetable black stallion’ with some very good British Eventing results to date, including winning his first novice at five years old. He has five foals due this year.

Emily Llewellyn says she bought Exclusive at the Brightwells sales, because he looked like Totilas!” Exclusive is proving a well judged buy – “He’s so confident within himself” said Emily “but the best part is how reliable he is on a day-to-day basis. He just comes out and works the same every day.”

Paddock Wood Stallions describe Exclusive as a lovely genuine and very talented young stallion. He is a beautiful modern type and combines the most laid back approach to life with a huge enthusiasm to work and to please. He is a lovely gentle nature and very straightforward to ride. This is his second season at stud, his first crop are due this spring.

We have great hopes for him in his Eventing career. In 2014 he had outstanding form and was only out of the top 10 once; he won his first Novice and won several other events. Exclusive is listed in the top 20 BE stallions for 2014 and is now a licensed stallion with Breeders Elite Studbook.

Exclusives sire Warrant made his international debut under Henk van der Pol in the winter of 2011/12, performing very well at 1.50 level, and now 1.60m. In April 2012 he was 10th in the Dutch Championships, by far the least experienced competitor at this level.

Meanwhile his eldest offspring, Wiranta Z, has been sold to Stuart Harvey in England and is impressing hugely. With Exclusive Grand Sire also proving himself as a top performance horse and sire of elite offspring.

Click here to view Exclusive’s profile on Horse Scout

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Country Romero Stallion

Sports Horse Stallion at Stud: Country Romero


Country Romero presented on Horse Scouts Stallion pages by Country Farm Stud, a young sports horse stallion by International Grade A Silver Elite jumping stallion Ontario out of a Country Marksman mare.

Congratulations to Country Farm Stud and their sports horse stallion Country Romero who has qualified for the Royal International Horse Show at the Staffordshire County Show.

This Country Romeros debut in the show ring and Horse Scout are very happy that everything went well but deservedly so for this lovely stallion. Country Romero is a compact coloured sports horse, this young stallion is showing a good shape over jumps. Standing at 16.2hh, this mixed blood sports horse has the pedigree and presence to become an interesting performance horse.

By International Grade A Silver Elite jumping stallion Ontario out of a Country Marksman mare, this young man has an Elite 5 generation pedigree including the same breeding as the Olympic Show Jumper ‘It’s Otto’. Country Farm Stud believe that Country Romero is the only coloured stallion to carry these lines.

Country Romero will be out soon under saddle and will concentrate on his show jumping career. The Horse Scout team are looking forward to following his progress.

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