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Anglo Arab Event Stallion Persiflage: Biddesdon Stud


Picture Perfect Persiflage Elegant Bay Anglo Arab National Stallion Association Grade 1 Elite Performance Stallion 1st choice for quality breeding.

Persiflage, a  stallion with the impressive and fluent movement of his famous sire Primitive Rising, who bred 96 Event Horses, as well as successful dressage and show jumping progeny, and whose line can be traced back to the Darley Arabian.

Persiflage has also inherited the undoubted elegance of his dams line the grace and agility of his dam’s family (including Tamarillo). Its interesting to note that the French and Trakhener stud books accept Arab bred horses in their stud books. The Arab crossing brings stamina, lightness of frame and toughness to a sporting or pleasure horse. Performance Arabs are an ideal cross with a variety of mares to bring that particular brave and honest approach to work that a proven performance Arab or Arab cross can.

Biddesdon Studs’ Persiflage has 60 points with British Eventing and £305 (£206 notional) with the BSJA. Persiflage is a keen and agile jumper. He has proved himself a consistent horse throughout his eventing career he has competed at CIC*** and regularly competes at Intermediate and Open Novice with Ruth Cuthbertson who has ridden him throughout his career. Persiflage also has winnings under BSJA rules.

Persiflage is suitable to sire Eventers and Endurance horses. He has been covering mares during his competition career and already has some impressive young stock to show for it.

And here are a few of them: Dunlewey Potentilla – A Connemara Cross has proved the perfect pony club pony with successes in team regionals, Halston Plantago and Halston Pimpernel ( both Novice Eventers) Dunlewey Pyrus (Young Horse evaluation Winner and now dressage team member) Holnest Mikado (In-hand Champion) Persiflage’s semen is available in the USA through EMCO Stallion Services.

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Solaris Sports Horse Stallion: Kambarbay is producing a crop of golden boys


Are you looking for a stallion to improve the “Blood” factor in your performance stock?

Kambarbay is a graded Breeders Elite – SIES VNIIK Stallion by his owners Solaris Sports Horses. He is a 15.3hh Akhal Teke Perlino stallion who offers everything in terms of quality, scope, stamina to give an edge in the competitive field.

Breeding in elasticity over a fence and four exceptional paces – walk, trot, canter and gallop – the Akhal Teke is considered by many to be one of the oldest thoroughbred breeds today and Solaris Sports’ stallion at stud Kambarbay possesses all of the desirable characteristics of the modern sport horse, three very good paces, well defined limbs and a well proportioned length of body and neck, a beautiful head and a the bonus of a metallic golden sheen to his coat for which the breed are also renowned.

Kambarbay is a stallion with tremendous presence exuding the nobility and refinement of his breed. As an Homozygous agouti and cream, he will always produce palomino and buckskin foals from solid mares. His first foals (2012) show an abundance of athleticism, presence and refinement.

Kambarbay is a consistent producer of first premium progeny presented at the British Futurity and SSH young-stock gradings. He has crossed well with a variety of mare types – Irish Sport Horse, Warmblood, Thoroughbred and pony mares. He has proven a popular choice with mare owners with progeny born throughout Scotland and the UK. His first foals have arrived in Australia.

Kambarbay’s Sire Kuvvatli was born in Turkmenistan – he comes from Posman and Ak Belek bloodlines and is half-brother to Gaigisiz, a famous sire in Russia. Kuvvatli s’ full sister Sumrygush became a breed champion in Krasnodar in 1991.

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