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Anyone looking to buy a pony should seek guidance from an experienced professional as it can often be more difficult than first thought.

Premium Pony Stallions Joins Horse Scout


Horse Scout is delighted to have one of the most exciting premium pony stallions in the UK listed with them.  Chartsturmer WE is the exquisite, 4 year old, chestnut pony stallion, by Caramel FH and owned by Ann-Marie Manning and ridden by sister Jennifer Manning.


“We met the Horse Scout team at the Bury Farm Stallion show and agreed that Horse Scout would be a great platform to promote Chartsturmer WE from” confirmed the Manning sisters.

The incredibly smart Chartsturmer WE achieved his Premium status grading and licence with Weser Ems in Vechta, Germany in 2015, where he was only 1 of 5 colts to achieve the prestigious title.

At only 4 years of age this beautifully tempered pony displays three impressive and balanced paces. An elevated, powerful, yet graceful trot with a wonderfully active hind leg, a superbly active walk and canter, that already display so much scope and potential for his future, both as a competition pony and breeding stallion.


Purchased as a yearling, it has always been the Manning’s aim to both produce ‘Charti’ as a leading competition pony and breeding stallion.

“Our long term aim is to produce him as an FEI dressage pony, but also to help dressage pony breeding within the UK.  We saw that the British Breeding industry was in need of a stallion like Chartsturmer WE, and it has always been an aim of ours to help improve this area of the industry” added Jennifer Manning.


Backed in 2016 Charti is now into his ridden career and will feature in the Northern Stallion Show later in March, along with Stallions AI in April.  Ann-Marie and Jennifer also plan to aim him at the British Dressage Young Pony classes later this year, as part of his own competition pathway and to build his own profile as both an elite competition and pony stallion.

“He is aimed at the competition mare and we will be looking to work with approved mares, but he has only got one breeding season under him at the moment, with 2 offspring due this season.  As much as it is our aim to support the dressage pony breeding industry in the UK, we have also had interest from the eventing market looking to produce smaller event horses with high quality dressage paces.”



FEI Dressage Pony For Sale


One of Three Truly Outstanding 148cm FEI Dressage Pony Geldings On the Market with Horse Scout.

Horse Scout Blogger has sourced three lovely dressage pony for the serious dressage rider who rides ponies.

FEI Dressage Pony Hagelkruis Valentijn produced by Cross Keys International Dressage Horses

This first has been produced by Edward Creamer the Grand prix rider  who trained with the great Monica Theoderescu.  A beautiful pony which has everything to shout about, which his pile of impressive ribbons is testament to.  He is surely the pony to make any judge smile.

Hagelkruis Valentijn is by the Dutch Sports Pony Stallion Leuns Veld’s Lord.

Leuns Veld’s Lord received the highest score at his stallion grading for his elevated and free trot; something which is certainly evident in his sons gait.  Leuns Veld’s Lord has some thoroughbred in him adding an essential quality to the build of this pony.  Leuns Veld’s Lord’s dam Sonhof’s Sabine is a registered Elite mare.

An FEI Pony For Sale On  Horse Scout With An Impressive Career: A pony which could be your next Dressage Prospect on the International Arena.

With perfect breeding for the dressage arena this Warmblood riding Pony has ridden with the Dutch Team and was the Dutch Indoor Medium Champion in 2012.  since then he has gone from strength to strength competing Internationally at FEI dressage competition.  His beautiful test at the CDI Hickstead Individual Test gave him 1st place last year.  He was one of only three British ponies to win a CDI class that year.

This pony is well known at this level having represented Great Britain  in no less than four international competitions.  His owner has sadly grown too much for him an has now moved on to horses so this brilliant pony is now available for a junior rider looking to compete at the highest level.

Cross Keys Dressage Horses are happy to validate his manners, in and out of the stable, and consider him suitable for any rider either young or adult.

Visit his profile on Horse Scouts Ponies for Sale pages by using our click through here or contact Edward Creamer directly through his own professional profile page on Horse Scout and find out more about this lovely pony.


FEI New Forest Dressage Pony


14.2hh FEI New Forest Dressage Pony

The stunning Remo (Goofy), is an FEI dressage schoolmaster ride.  He knows his job, he knows his movements and is ready to teach his next rider. This is surely an opportunity of a lifetime for a rider to progress onto the international arena and compete on equal terms with the best.

This is a truly exciting opportunity to acquire this super talented 15 year old New Forest Pony gelding.

Remo has been a member of the Irish Dressage Team  ( 2014) competing at the European Pony Championships.

Since he was imported in 2011 he took 12th in the Masters Class at open medium level (best placed pony) and 2nd in the Premier League. A leading dressage pony at the Winter finals and also the National Championships in both 2012 and 2013.

He was the first pony to meet the High Performance Criteria and he certainly deserved his place as a member of the First Irish Pony Dressage High Performance Squad.

If you are looking for a pony who is ready and has qualified for the top dressage competitions in Ireland then here he is:  Remco has qualified for this year’s Irish National Championships at Medium Open Level.

Importantly for any parent is the reassurance that this New Forest FEI Dressage Pony hacks out, is very good in traffic, and is relaxed enough to be ridden bareback so underlines that this sound, happy pony will be a well-chosen addition for any young rider or small adult wishing to purchase a top class competition sports pony.

Horse Scout has recently blogged about two other Dressage Ponies recently.  Both of these 14.2hh ponies are  also competing at FEI level and are advertised for Sale on Horse Scout.  Click through to

Pony 1 is also Dutch bred and information can be found here FEI Dressage Pony for Sale  (link to follow)

Pony 2 is a Stunning Palomino Pony also working well at FEI level and ready for a new 5* competition Home advertised Horse Scouts Ponies for Sale Pages.  (Link to follow)

High Viz Tabards – Are you accepting liability for an accident if you wear a tabard stating ‘caution young horse’?


Is it safe to be seen in public? – Is it cool to be safe?: looking at some riders you would think the answer was “No”! How can that be; it’s a completely dotty way to approach your own safety, the wellbeing of your horse and the lives and safety of other road users.  A half ton of horse on top of a smart car does not make for a happy outcome; whoever is at fault. It’s the least you can do to let Drivers know you are there and that you are riding an animal which could react adversely in a stressful situation.

HRSA has some good advice about road safety and horses and they point out that there appears to be a great deal of confusion surrounding the issue of the tabards which state ‘caution young horse’.

If you wear a tabard with a message on it there are a number of factors to consider in relation to whether or not you are admitting liability in the event of an accident.

Wearing a tabard in itself it is not an admission of liability.

Whether or not a rider wearing a tabard with ‘caution young horse’ is found liable for an accident will depend on the accident circumstances.

Each case will be assessed on the evidence at hand.

In order to be liable for an accident there must be negligence on the part of the rider and wearing a tabard with the words ‘caution young horse’ is not in itself grounds for a successful claim in negligence.

If you look at various scenarios in which wearing a tabard might be worn its is easy to think of a situation in which a horse and rider were proceeding correctly along a country lane and a vehicle suddenly and without warning veered in to their path causing injury.

The rider will not be held liable on the basis that they were wearing a tabard stating ‘caution young horse’.

Likewise if a horse and rider were correctly proceeding down a country lane towards a bend and a car, travelling in the same direction, came past too close and too quickly whilst sounding its horn to warn oncoming drivers that it was coming around the bend and the horse spooked the rider would not necessarily be held as negligent merely because he/she was warning others that they were riding an inexperienced horse.

In the second example it could be argued on behalf of the rider (whether on a young horse or not) that the driver was negligent in that he/she failed to pass wide and slow, failed to wait until it was safe to pass and failed to appreciate that horses are unpredictable (despite the best efforts of the rider) when he/she sounded the horn. It would be argued that the driver was negligent and that as a result of said negligence the rider/horse sustained injury.

In such a situation council would go on to argue that the fact that the rider was wearing a tabard with the wording ‘caution young horse’ means that the driver should have taken even greater care to not spook the animal.  It would be argued that the reasonable driver, especially on seeing the writing on the rider’s tabard, should not have sounded his/her horn. Rather he/she would have waited until the horse had proceeded around the bend before passing wide and slow.

The difficulty and I suspect the confusion surrounding this comes from the fact that in many instances the Defendant may well attempt to use  the fact that the rider was on a young horse to his/her own advantage. The Defence could attempt to play on the fact that the rider was on an  inexperienced horse. If there are no independent witnesses and the third party driver says that the horse in fact jumped into the middle of the road despite him/her attempting to pass considerately, striking his/her vehicle the court might be more inclined to believe that an inexperienced horse would be more prone to such behaviour.

If a rider failed to wear a tabard warning drivers that the horse that they were riding was inexperienced and this later came out in the course of proceedings this too could be used against the rider. The argument could be that the rider failed to warn other road users that there was an increased risk of the horse spooking.

Unlike in criminal, law the burden of proof for civil proceedings is that, on the balance of probabilities (i.e more than 50%) your account of the accident circumstances is correct.

In summary each case will turn on its own evidence and wearing a tabard which reads ‘caution young horse’ does not automatically make the rider liable in the event of an accident.

If you are involved in a road traffic accident whilst riding your horse it is vital that you instruct a solicitor who is a specialist in dealing with equine accident claims. The lawyer will need to collate all of the evidence and prepare your case based on the facts. In some instances a collision investigator might need to be instructed to prepare a report to assist with liability. In such instances the accident location will be attended, the damage to horse and rider assessed and speed of the 3rd party calculated etc

However, wearing a fluorescent vest whilst out hacking on roads is vital and should always been worn for your own safety.  I don’t know how many times I have seen riders wearing their expensive Ariat or Toggi outfits become totally camouflaged in the shadow of a leafy overhanging tree on a country lane.  I cant stress how dangerous it is (as a driver) if you cannot see a rider and his horse.  You would never see a runner or a cyclist who is not aware of the necessity of being seen in good time by drivers. For some reason being safe is so often seen as uncool by the riding community, but its less cool to end up splatted on the road and causing hurt or damage to others or your horse.

New Pony for a new season? Lovely all rounder


Bernwode Bugatti – bay gelding in buckhorn Weston  Somerset  £6,500

Same home for 5 years, Beautiful 9 yr old bay gelding. 13hh Bernwode Bugatti is an extremely elegant and talented pony, with 3 correct paces and a wonderful attitude to work.

He is expressive in his training and dressage, effortless over a 90-show jump course and brave across country- a very special pony in a small package! Bugatti is exceptionally well bred.

He has great breeding. His sire is the German pony FEI dressage Stallion Bernwode Brokat who has represented Great Britain on numerous occasions, and sired countless high achieving offspring, including Bugatti’s full brother (Bernwode Broadway) who is currently a member of the GB squad. Bugatti’s dam, Bernwode Mandy has also, produced two approved stallions and a German National champion show jumping pony, along with the FEI level event mare Bernwode Nairobi.Bugatti is well educated, working at elementary/ medium at home and frequently gaining over 70% in affiliated competition.

Bugatti would be a great fledgling pony, small event pony or working hunter pony. Qualified summer regional’s 2014.

Has represented BYRDS South West at Sheepgate u25 championships.

Bugatti is a true pleasure to own, loves to hack, good to box, shoe with vet etc. This is an extremely sad sale, and his future home must be a 5* competitive and loving one.

Are you looking for a pony for this coming season who seems to be able to turn his hand to anything? This certainly sounds like a lovely pony.

Buying a pony? – 5 top tips for pony poppits


Off the lead rein? This next stage is so important.

You need a pony who is rock solid and has experience under his belt…. millage on the clock.

A landmark Study asked children ‘Would you rather play simply for fun, or would you prefer to win?’…. 95% said FUN

So your child has outgrown her first pony, and possibly a second, and has been riding off the lead rein, independently and happily and has shown no signs of reluctance to play with the pony nor to ride it, then he or she may be ready to take the next step.

1. Ask about his background, he is likely to have had two or even three owners, can his history be traced?

2. You need your child to practice, practice and practice more, so don’t be swayed by looks or tempted into buying a young pony “with Potential” at this stage.

3. This next pony will be giving your child the confidence to ride independently, start jumping small jumps, do gymkanas or perhaps even go to Pony Club Camp or at least pony club training sessions and perhaps even progress to grassroots competitions.

4. Most of all though this pony is to have as much fun on as it is possible to fit in!

5. Look for a pony who fits well, try not to be tempted to look at this next purchase as “something your child can grow into” remember confidence comes from feeling safe and being adventurous comes from …feeling safe.

So pick experience, temperament and size as your priorities with pony Number two.

There are a few school-masters advertised on Horse Scouts Ponies for Sale pages, which do sound like wonderful ponies., but as a second pony perhaps

Morwyn Bronze Calypso – Burnham on Crouch, Essex for £2,850 does stands out. His advertisement say he is a fun, safe, well bred registered Welsh Sec B Gelding with so much potential. He would ideally suit a second competition pony, but is also a confidence giver and would be safe for novice. He is jumping comfortably (and winning) at 2.6 but can clear 3.6 at “chase me charlie”. He has never been lame or sorry, no laminitis or sweet itch. Teeth and vaccinations are up to date. I have owned this pony for 7years and had him professionally backed 4 years ago and he has been in constant work ever since. He has sadly been outgrown and needs to find a new rider. Calypso will sell with his entire wardrobe.







Please note that by recommending a purchaser look at advertisements on the Horse Scout site Horse Scout nor its agents can be held liable or responsible for the suitability or not of any pony registered on its for sale pages.