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Horses for sale Horse Scout


In just our first month live we are proud to be hosting a diverse range of event, dressage, show and show jumping horses for sale. The horses range from novice to advanced across all disciplines!

We have riders from all over the already becoming involved ad supporting us with their professional listings and horse profiles, take a look now!


Horses for sale from professionals


Buying from a professional yard or individual

The school of thought “never buy from a professional” could be contested in  this day and age. It is understood that there may be anxiety surrounding the purchasers inability   to match the professionals riding, and as a consequence the horse may change in its behaviour, and performance.

Horse Scout believe there can be merit in buying from individuals within the industry, as horses are genuinely being sold to help finance the sellers riding career, yard rentals, etc. This would indicate horses are not being sold due to a problem, or a fault, and therefore it can be a safe purchase.

One of areas to consider if you are buying from a professional environment is your ability to maintain the work load for that horse. On a professional yard horses may be going on a walker  daily, and receive a strict work structure, be sure to understand the volume and intensity of work before taking the horse home.

Common misconception- allowing the horse to ‘settle in’. The best policy is to keep the horse relaxed by maintaining the work load it has been accustomed.




Horses for sale on Horse Scout


If your searching for a horse for sale, Horse Scout is proud to now be hosting industry leaders horses. We have been supported by Catherston Stud,  The Billy Stud, Harthill Stud, with some of the most prestigious bloodlines to show case.

Our horses for sale are from novice to professional level.   All industries: show jumping we have William and Pippa Funnel, eventing Oliver Townend and Nina Barbour, dressage Jennie Lorriston-Clarke.

We are supported by Verdina Sports Horses, and European Sports Horses, giving a range of dual purpose sports horses for sale every week.

We specialise in competition horses with a proven record, produced by recognised trainers, and riders in the UK.


Horses for sale


Outstanding proven competition horses for sale with Horse Scout. Fantastic records, full history, and the sellers profile is viewable.

Horses and ponies for sale have results , pedigree, ownership, vet certificate and reference history to help to gain buyers trust. Every horse has a history, and can have a future. Honesty is the best policy .

Training the young event horse


Much like a healthy relationship between two people, the relationship between an perspective event horse and rider should aim for interdependence not codependence!

Eventing places demand for fast thinking, quick, and clever response. Horses in production and training mustn’t always rely upon the rider. When galloping down hill in mud, you must know the horse can assess and respect the fence at all levels.

Horses who always look to support will eventually come unstuck, owed to factors such as poor ground, loosing shoes, crowed distraction etc. A well trained jumper can be sharp, athletic, and brave even without a perfect distance. Regular grids, pole work, and help from knowledgeable trainers will assist this development. Every now and then they have to help you!

Horse Scout thought for the day – “train for interdependence the balance between horse and rider, not the horses codependence on you entirely!”

Promoting the event rider


The average event rider struggles to stop for Christmas let alone weekends! Working all day everyday and making them inherently one of the worst relationship candidates there is.

Weekends are dark mornings, caffeine and lorry loading. At best home before dinner if not made the prize giving…

Weekdays are juggling liveries, teaching, sales horses, and dinners with clients. Week evenings often late, often unattractive , and tiered.

Putting such facts to one side- surely for all the input a little helping hand would be appreciated? Well fret no more ! Horse Scout has identified the dedication, and offers free advertising and promotion to riding professionals, and also their yards. The site helps them to be discovered, and expand business.

Have a look and let us know what you think. Here to help !

The Horse Scout Team