Ten Top Tips for every horse owner, groom and Mum! 


Are you about to set out looking for your perfect Mother Daughter horse combo?  Horse Scout has some lovely all-rounders listed on its Horses For Sale page.

Here are some top tips for any Mother Daughter horse cleaning regime….how you share them out? Well that’s up to you but do…have a sparkling relationship with your horse!

  1. An equine squeegee, rather than a hard sweat scraper, makes removing water from equine legs and hips easier and kinder.
  2. For extra shine on special occasions, spritz your horse’s coat with a sheen product.
  3. Regular use of coat polish sprays right after bathing has the added bonus of deterring dust—it slides right off.
  4. Horses with pink skin need extra sun protection—use sunscreen on susceptible pink noses!
  5. To help protect against skin infections, regularly disinfect grooming brushes and combs.
  6. Keep brushes clean as you go: After every few strokes with your body brush, clean the bristles on a metal or rubber curry held in your other hand.
  7. Brush from front to back, top to bottom, for the most efficient effort.
  8. Curry first in a circular motion to loosen dirt and hair; then use your stiff dandy brush to remove it. A flick of the wrist at the end of your long flat brush stroke helps lift the dust off.
  9. Multi-task: use a brush in each hand!
  10. Show-ring veterans have long known that grooming wipes are ever so handy.