Trade Secrets that a professional work rider or groom already knows


Here are some top tips that every work rider and professional groom knows.  If you are looking for a work rider to help you out or a groom to join your yard you can be confident that they know these things!  If you look after your own horse then wow your horse friends with a sparkly horse using these top tips.


  1. If you have a gray horse or one with a lot of chrome, keep some spray-on equine stain remover—created to deal with manure and grass stains—at the ready.
  1. As you groom, inspect your horse for injuries, skin irritations or areas of sensitivity. Run your bare hands down his legs to check for heat or swelling.
  1. Keep up with routine grooming chores, such as mane pulling, trimming fetlocks, et cetera. That way you’re not overwhelmed with last minute clean-up before a show.
  1. If your horse objects to having his mane pulled, try doing a little each day after exercise, while his pores are open.
  1. Check your horse’s stall or paddock fencing for protruding objects: Wounds lead to blemishes and worse.
  1. Let sweat and mud dry before attempting to brush it out. Or, hose your horse off while it is still wet.
  1. When plaiting or training a mane over to one side, use a mane mousse to help get wayward hairs under control.
  1. Color enhancing shampoos accentuate your horse’s natural tones and bring out the highlights of his coat. Washing blue in a black or grey tail make give it a wow factor.  (Always check a small patch of skin first)
  1. Using oil specifically designed for your horse’s face, rather than baby oil, will collect less dust at the show. Check contents on bottle.

10.  Let your horse roll—dirt isn’t permanent.