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AJs Farbenfroh

Stallions for Improving Performance Breeding: AJ’s Farbenfroh


Improving performance through breeding means considering the merits of your own mare and that of the stallion.

To breed a successful performance horse or to improve a breeding line then considering the genetics, conformation and performance record of both the stallion and mare are key and the horses in their pedigree will indicate the quality of the fola to be produced.

Key indicators for improving performance breeding with confidence

When a breeder is able to comment on the consistent quality of the progeny of their stallions then you can be sure that the stallion is influencing  the outcome through his own breeding performance genetics.

“Brilliant” replied Karen Raine “They all are, he (sic AJ’s Farbenfroh) throws such amazing stock” said Country Farm Studs owner in response to a post from D.S (Langho) after her 3 year old AJ Knockout was placed 2nd at the Northcote BS young horse Show in June this year.

AJ’s Farbenfrohs’ young stock (the oldest are now 4 years old) are certainly looking well-made and with results like this it indicates that he is passing on his Show Jumping Genetics to his progeny.

AJ’s Farbenfroh performance breeding genetics

Kurt Smiths’ lovely chestnut stallion is from a line of super star performance breeding His Sire Forrester, himself an international grand prix show jumper is by For Pleasure (Olympic team golds and a purse of over a million euro) son of the foundation stallion Furioso, who bred 250 state registered broodmares and 50 licensed stallions on his sire Forresters dam line we find  Grannus,  who died in 1993, bred seven Olympic horses and more than 60 approved stallions.

AJ’s Farbenfroh is the only licenced son of Forrester (a cross that his breeder used often) who at the moment has 15 international performance horses listed out of 29 progeny on Horse Telex.

AJ’s Farbenfroh has himself already done well on the BSJA circuit and has a good clean shoulder action with good humorous angle and length, which is a bonus when considering improving performance breeding..

AJ’s Farbenfroh influence on colour breeding

Interstingly AJ’s Knockout is a Chestnut Westphalian with a full sister born the following year (AJS* Farbenfroh) and two of AJ’s Farbenfrohs’ own filly foals AJS Knockout and AJ’s Tecquila Knockout both registered with the AES as roan two out of three registered AES filies.

Maybe AJ’s Farbenfroh breeder Hartwig Rellensmann based in Munster, the heart of the Westphlian breeders country in Northern Germany knew that he would have the capacity to throw foals with the is colourful coat colouring; or perhaps it was a reference to Farbenfrohs’ eye catching white stockings.

Most of his stock, though, do seem to be bay, brown or chestnut with 8 out of 12 being colts.

AJ’s Farbenfroh, owned by Kurt Smith stands at Country farm stud who have a range of lovely stallions listed on the Horse Scout website.

*Different lettering style but the same name

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