Stallions at stud

Ramiro B now listed with out Stallions at Stud, one of the most proven sire internationally. Ramiro B’s pedigree is a cocktail of some of the best jumping lines including Belgium Warmblood and Holstein. Born in Belgium and produced in Ireland, with consistency in technique, genuine rideability and scope and successfully competed internationally with Irish […]

Horses for sale

Outstanding proven competition horses for sale with Horse Scout. Fantastic records, full history, and the sellers profile is viewable. Horses and ponies for sale have results , pedigree, ownership, vet certificate and reference history to help to gain buyers trust. Every horse has a history, and can have a future. Honesty is the best policy […]

Blackwater Equestrian almost done

The news of one of the most prestigious livery yards setting up in Romsey, Hampshire is no longer village talk. Blackwater Equestrian has created a unique high specification yard including Olympic size floodlit area, stunning indoor barn, lit walk ways and industry competition professionals onsite: event rider Lucienne Elms , and Jump rider Remy Ellis […]

Training the young event horse

Much like a healthy relationship between two people, the relationship between an perspective event horse and rider should aim for interdependence not codependence! Eventing places demand for fast thinking, quick, and clever response. Horses in production and training mustn’t always rely upon the rider. When galloping down hill in mud, you must know the horse […]

Promoting the event rider

The average event rider struggles to stop for Christmas let alone weekends! Working all day everyday and making them inherently one of the worst relationship candidates there is. Weekends are dark mornings, caffeine and lorry loading. At best home before dinner if not made the prize giving… Weekdays are juggling liveries, teaching, sales horses, and […]

Horse experience for a novice rider

When searching for a competition horse, common mistakes lay in the misconception that a potential horse will fit the bill. If you have not yet had competition mileage / experience it is best to buy a horse that knows it’s job. Take an experienced professional /trainer with you who understands your requirements and is able […]

Livery yards and facilities

As the rain comes down and winter is finally here, early dark nights, and long wet days the livery yards in the UK struggle on. Horse Scout recommends when you endeavour to select a yard with good facilities. Horse walkers are super for assisting fitness, maintaining movement , and supporting rehabilitation. An indoor school can […]

Rider training and position

The annual BHS conference took place today at Catherston Stud. With leading showjumping trainer Corinne Bracken demonstrating the importance of having the ball of your foot in the stirrup. If your toe is on the stirrup this pushes the toes up which blocks the pelvis. With the toe in neutral our pelvis stays relaxed and we […]

Selling your horse or pony with Horse Scout, preparation for potential buyers

It’s important that once you’ve made the decision to sell your horse, you advertise in a manner to help potential buyers understand their suitability. At Horse Scout sales questionnaires draw the correct information to help you reach your target audience. Our top tips Insist those trying always wear a hat, and ideally a body protector […]

Choosing the right horse for you, buying a horse for the first time

Horse Scout’s top tips: Horse Scout strongly advises that you stick to your itinerary: the choices you make should be guided by the person helping, managing, training you — and not influenced by the seller. Age: This is a common conundrum… the novice rider needs an animal to have been backed and in regular work […]