Go Gadget review- Being Safe Rider SOS ALERT


All this talk about endurance riding and hacking out safely has sent me off to see about keeping riders in touch when they are off the beaten track…or indeed out in the fields and in trouble. I came across this clever app called “Horse Rider SOS”

How does it work?

The concept is simple. Before you head off for your ride, open the ‘Horse Rider SOS’ app on your Android or iPhone, press the ‘Start button’ and now ‘Horse Rider SOS’ will begin to monitor your every move and track you while you ride.

As long as ’Horse Rider SOS’ continues to detect your movement and progress it will be ‘content’ to watch over you and will remain in’ tracking mode’.

However, In the event that you are unseated and fall off your horse, are unconscious or unable to move, Horse Rider SOS will immediately enter ‘Alert Mode’ and begin the rescue process.

At this point your predetermined guardians will be notified immediately that you’re in trouble and will be sent your location so that you can be rescued without delay.

It even has a false alarm fail safe system so no unintentional wolf crying! How clever is that?

Below are some testimonials for riders who use the system….one even found her phone using the app, so its useful in other ways too.

Check it out on http://www.horseridersos.com/

Rider Testimonials

Once, I fell off my horse miles from home and was unconscious for over an hour…worst of all, nobody knew I’d even fallen off! Luckily some hikers found me and were able to call for help. Now I always make sure I set Horse Rider SOS before I ride.” Michelle C.

Katie R.“When I get home from work I have to get the horses in from the field and sometimes they can be a bit naughty!…Now when I’m on my own I always make sure I set Horse Rider SOS to watch over me just in case something happens.” Katie R.

Nicki M.“I know it’s not what it’s designed for but once my phone fell out of my pocket when I was out riding and thanks to Horse Rider SOS I was able to pin-point exactly where I’d lost it! …I love this app!!” Nicki M.

Georgia S.“Whenever I ride alone, the one thing I’ve always worried about is falling off miles away from home! …now I’m reassured that if the worst should happen Horse Rider SOS is there to raise the alarm and rescue me.” Georgia S.

Susi P.“Horse Rider SOS is so simple to use and easy to set up…Now when I ride I’m much happier knowing that if I fall off, my husband will know where to find me.” Susi P.