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Photo -  Mark Gillard

Mark Gillard - Hilton, Dorset

Trainers / Instructors / Coaches

General Information

Name Mark Gillard
Gender Male
Location Hilton Dorset
Nationality British
Languages British


Licensed Trainers (BHA)
Pre-Training Race
Racing - Dual Purpose
Licensed Trainers (BHA)


Mark Gillard trains with his wife Pippa and their four children - Theo, Alana, Fergus and Arthur, all of whom regularly ride out the horses. 

Mark's philosophy is simple: happy horses perform more effectively than unhappy ones and so the routine at Hawksfield Farm is geared towards ensuring mental wellbeing as well as physical fitness. Keeping horses interested in the job is a constant challenge; Mark believes that if you can achieve a state where horses actively look forward to working each morning then the business of transferring the required enthusiasm to the track becomes a whole lot easier.

Pippa, a former champion polo player, was a world champion and played for England on 40 separate occasions all over the world and continues to be involved with Ladies polo at the highest levels through her Chairmanship of the International Women's Polo Association, which she founded in 1997.

Professional Trainer