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Photo -  Kerry Jukes

Kerry Jukes - Dollar, CLACKMANNANSHIRE

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General Information

Name Kerry Jukes
Gender Female
Nationality British
Languages British



Equine Behaviour

We all face problems with our horses from time to time, so easier to resolve than others. When we hit a difficult problem we start looking for advice and there is so much information out there and some many opinions that it can be hard to know which to go with.

An Equine Behaviourist like myself is there to help you cut throw the noise of all the information. I look at the history of the problem and the daily life of your horse to get a full picture of what is happening and what the true cause of the problem is.

I then work with you to go about retraining and helping your horse. I create a training plan around you and your horse to create an effective and practical solution with long term results.

I can work with you and your horse on any type of behaviour problems, from fear-based issues, ridden behaviours and training problems.

Get Help with Issues Like:

  • Trailer Loading
  • Handling and Leading
  • Farrier Problems
  • Vet Handling Issues
  • Mounting Issues
  • Jumping
  • Ridden Problems, not reacting to aids, rushing, etc
  • Issues at Competitions
  • Tacking Up Problems
  • Ridden Issues
  • Issues Competing
  • Clipping Problems
  • Rearing or Bucking
  • Bolting or Napping
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Box Walking
  • Box Rest Problems
  • Negative Behaviour towards, horses, people or other animals

I can also help you with

  • Building a stronger relationship with your horse, by identifying the signs that your horse is giving you.
  • Improving your handling skills & create gentle yet effective boundaries with your horse.
  • Learn how your horse learns and communicates, allowing you to train him more effectively
  • Learn training techniques which are positive and effective when working with your horse.

My initial consultation for a behavioural problem last 2 hours, in that 2 hours I go over your horse’s history and find out more about the problem. I then spend time with you and your horse and if it is safe to do, I will ask you to show me what happens when the problem arises. I will then start some initial training with your horse if required and show you the steps to start resolving the problem.

Please visit my website for more details or contact me to discuss. email

Rider Mentoring

Rider mentoring can help riders from all walks of life. Mentoring can help you to build confidence in yourself and your horse, help you prepare for competition, look at what you want to do in your career as rider and just help you keep on track and focused on you and your horse. 

Mentoring can help you also get you over a fear after a fall or accident with you horse. I can also combine mentoring with equine behaviour if needed. Often when we have had a fall or accident or lost our confidence, we also need to reconnect with our horse and combining both mentoring and equine behaviour is a powerful way of getting a better understanding of yourself and your horse. Creating a stronger dynamic and relationship.

Mentoring and equine behaviour combined is also effective around ridden or handling issues, often we lose our confidence because our horses are being "naughty" or "bad" but are in fact trying to tell us something is wrong.

It can be pain, fear or just feeding of our own insecurities. By working with both you and your horse we can help build both your own confidence and your horses’ confidence.

Which creates that strong relationship allowing you and your horse be the perfect team.Mentoring session vary greatly on you own needs and if you are combining them with behavioural work.

Depending on your need’s session can be in person or online. Most session are between 1 and 2 hours and the number of sessions is dependent on your requirements. So please get in touch to discuss. email

Professional Trainer

Years of experience 30
Training prices and locations 2 hour Initial Consultation, which includes case history and time spent working with your horse is £85 + travel depending on location. I cover most of Scotland, based in Central Scotland. Mentoring Session can be offered in person on via Skype prices vary depending on requirements please contact me and we can chat about the sessions.
Ethos and about me Communication, Understanding and Compassion are key to all I do. When I work with you, I am there through out with support and help when needed. I believe that creating trust and connection with ourselves and our horses is key to all we do. “Riding is the dialogue between two bodies and two souls which aims to establish harmony between them” Waldemar Seunig


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