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Photo - Amy Shipley International Equine  Musculoskeletal Practitioner

Amy Shipley International Equine Musculoskeletal Practitioner - Stanley , Wakefield


General Information

Professional / Company name Amy Shipley International Equine Musculoskeletal Practitioner
Profession Physiotherapist
Location Wakefield
Website Address

Specialities / Skills

Fully qualified and insured International Equine Musculoskeletal Practitioner.


I am a fully qualified and insured International Equine Musculoskeletal Practitioner.I am located in Yorkshire, however do travel all over the UK.

I have recently arrived back from working in Singapore treating race horses, polo ponies and ridding school horses. I am currently working on numerous race and competition yards within the UK, receiving great improvements and fast results amongst treated horses.

I apply a range of techniques during a horses treatment which is adapted depending on each individuals requirements.

These techniques/ therapies are listed below: 

-Pre and Post Race/ Competition Treatments - Soft Tissue Therapy - Skeletal Adjustments - Remedial/ Sports Massage - Advanced Myofascial Release Therapy - Acupressure & Meridian Line Therapy - Cranio-Sacral Therapy - Lymphatic Drainage - Infrared/ LED Light Therapy - Electrical Impulse Stimulation/ Therapy - Kinesiology taping - Thermal Imaging 

All the above therapies are used to help the following: 

-Knots, Spasms, Tension, Sprains, Adhesions and Tears- Vertebra Realignment and Spinal Freedom - Help Build Muscle Tone - Increase and Improve Circulation and Range Of Movement - Speed Up Recovery Rate After Injury and Exercise - Reduce Pain and Inflammation Within Muscles and Joints - Help With Joint Conditions and Muscle Wastage - Help During/ After Surgery For Numerous Conditions (Kissing Spines, Fractures, Tendon/ Ligament Injuries, Tieing Up, Colic ect)... And much more ...

Does your horse exhibit any of the following signs:

-Prefers one canter lead or strikes off on the wrong leg - Hollows his back when mounted/ been tacked up - Hanging on the bit or reluctant to go into an outline - Shows lateral stiffness - Head shaking either during exercise or in the field - Change in behaviour (biting, kicking, bucking, rearing, bolting, ect) - Cold backed - Lack of poll tension or head tilting - Uneven stride length/ not tracking up - Holding the tail to one side/ constant swishing - Sudden lack of performance - Sensitive to touch - Swelling around a joint or soft tissue - Stereotypical/ behavioural issues.

Treatments include:

-Initial consultation - Thermal Imaging of the whole body - Confirmation checks and Trot ups - Palpation and scan line checks of the full body - Wide range of massage techniques (mentioned above) - Infrared Therapy and/ or Electrical Impulse Therapy/ Stimulation - Stretches of the fore, hind limbs, pelvis & spinal column - Final feedback

Treatments also include:- Nutritional advice - Basic saddle/ bridle checks - Rehabilitation program/ Training and Exercise programme - Support and advice for life

Full treatment fee is £50** Travel costs may be extra

Please feel free to contact me on the details below for further information or bookings. 

Contact details: 07428 746728 / 07575 827005


Further Information

Years of experience 6
Prices Full treatment fee is £50* * Travel costs may be extra


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