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Photo - Ruth Harris

Ruth Harris MSc PG Dip Veterinary Physiotherapy - Nr Faringdon, Oxfordshire


General Information

Professional / Company name Ruth Harris MSc PG Dip Veterinary Physiotherapy
Profession Physiotherapist
Location Oxfordshire
Website Address

Specialities / Skills

As a highly trained physiotherapist and a human, equine and canine sports massage therapist skilled in a range of techniques, all treatments include a thorough static, dymanic and postural assessment.

An animal lover since before I could walk, I have worked on yards and with animal charities in the USA, across Europe and in Africa.   I am fully insured to provide and trained to the highest levels available in the field of Veterinary Physiotherapy. I travel throughout Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucester and Wiltshire regularly, and to yards further afield, to support clients and their horses from a range of equestrian disciplines.

I also treat dogs, including much loved pets and equally loved working dogs, as well as other species.  I live near the White Horse in the lovely Ridgeway village of Uffington, I compete my horse and enjoy exploring the area with my dog.

Manual Therapy. I own a range of professional electrotherapies, but the real skill of a trained Veterinary Physiotherapist is in our ability to use manual therapies.  Only by using touch (palpation) can a therapist really understand the state of the tissue, the response and feedback from the animals body.

  • Massage - soft tissue manipulation 

  • Myofascial release (and Bowen therapy)

  • Chiropractic techniques

  • Cranio-sacral therapy

  • Kinesiology taping (known popularly as K-taping) 

  • Assisted canine hydrotherapy 

Exercise Programmes. As a physiotherapist I am trained to prescribe specific exercise programmes.  

Electrotherapy. I use electrotherapies including Pulsed Magnetic, TENS, NMES (muscle stim), laser, infra-red, H-wave, micro current - arcequine, as well as ultrasound where necessary to compliment my manual therapy.  These can provide a depth of healing by working with the musculoskeletal system to promote a more efficient healing process.  

Bowen Therapy.  I work with riders to improve their posture and energy levels, helping them to recover from injury. I use the very popular Bowen Therapy and trained with the College of Bowen therapy in 2013/4. 

Qualifications / Affiliated Bodies / Regulated Bodies

MSc / PgD Vet Phys / ESMT / M-RAMP / IRVAP / NAVP


As sensitive animals, all horses can gain huge benefits from physiotherapy:

  • Improved movement patterns:

    • Aiding correct training

    • Reducing risk of injury

    • Improving and maintaining performance

  • Improved holistic well-being

  • Promoting recovery and rehabilitation

  • Alleviate existing, acute, chronic or age related problems

Just like us, pain and dysfunction can cause a number of behavioural and performance changes and problems, some of which include:

  • Biting

  • Uncharacteristic behaviour

  • Girthing problems

  • Problems mounting or 'cold backed'

  • Bucking, rearing, bolting

  • Inconsistent contact and problems with canter leads

  • Poor lateral work

  • Lack of impulsion

  • Toe dragging

  • Stopping, running out, having poles down

  • Seeking isolation

  • Napping 

Physiotherapy is NOT only for elite horses and racehorses. If you hack, school, WH, hunt, show, show-jump, event, play polo, take part in dressage, harness work, work in hand, PC or RC or any other activity your horse is performing for you and needs to be pain free to achieve it. 

Further Information

Years of experience 8
Locations Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire
Prices Competitively priced. Please call to discuss your requirements.


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