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Photo - Kruger Saddlery

Kruger Saddlery - Old Snydale, West Yorkshire

Saddle Fitter

General Information

Professional / Company name Kruger Saddlery
Profession Saddle Fitter
Location West Yorkshire
Website Address

Specialities / Skills

Saddle Fitting

We provide a professional saddle fitting service you can rely on and trust to give you peace of mind regarding the fit of your saddle. Our Society of Master Saddlers qualified saddle fitter will come visit you and your horse at your own yard. (callout charges do apply)

We recommend checking the fit of your saddle regularly. Horses change shape dependant on changes in diet, fitness, environment, regime, injury or illness. Changes in any of these areas might affect how your saddle fits. Therfore effecting your horses comfort and ability to perform not to mention your own comfort and stability. A badly fitting saddle can cause the rider a lot of pain especially in their back due to compensating in an un balanced saddle.

Repair and Re-Flocking

The re-flocking of saddles is done at home in our workshop. We arrange a time and day we can fit your saddle in so that you aren’t without your saddle for long. (usually no longer than 48 hours) The cost is between £50 – £65.

We do all kinds of repairs and re-fitting of saddles, new girth straps etc please give us a call for a quote

Bespoke Saddles and Bridles

At Kruger we specialise in tailor made saddles for all disciplines. We know that every horse is unique and finding a saddle off the peg that fits well isn’t always possible. We have no production line here. All our saddles are hand built by individual craftsmen which is why we are able to offer you our custom made service. We come out, measure up and select leathers and discuss design ideas just give us a call.

We know how difficult it is to find a perfectly fitting bridle when your horses head is in-between sizes or is very big or very small. Its no problem to us to come out and measure up for you a bridle. 

Qualifications / Affiliated Bodies / Regulated Bodies

After leaving school at the age of sixteen Kim Gordon completed a diploma in saddlery and then began designing and making saddles. Kim has grown up with horses and being a rider herself is a big advantage when it comes to the designing of the saddles.

At the age of just seventeen she was the proud winner of the Master Saddlers competition in London and then went onto be a respected member of the Society of Master Saddlers.


Winner of London Master Saddlers' Competition


Kruger Saddlery is a traditional saddler's workshop based in Old Snydale, near Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

We are working saddlers that specialise in custom made saddles for all disciplines. Here at Kruger we take great pride in making the perfect saddle for you and your horse.

We use only the best grade English leather and British standard trees to make our saddles with. Each and every saddle is made by one individual craftsman from start to finish to ensure the standard is maintained at the highest level throughout the process.

The majority of saddles manufactured today are made on a production line with several people involved with their manufacture. This is where we are different! With comfort and performance in mind, we understand the importance of the impact a correctly fitting saddle has on the partnership between horse and rider.

The saddle is what connects you together and must configure to the horses bone structure to enable perfect harmony. The saddle must also accommodate the rider’s needs as well so this is why we insist made to measure is the way forward!

Further Information

Years of experience 20
Prices All of our pricing information may be found on our website at


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