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Heartbreaker sibling connections on Horse Scout


Bently Van de Heffinck and his son, Heartbreaker, have a great number of sibling connections on Horse Scout.

Modern Jumping Stallions listed on Horse Scout

 Bently Van de Heffinczk’s son Heartbreaker is ranked 6th in the WBSFH Showjumping stallions  2015 and we have several of their progeny listed on the Horse Scout Horses For Sale pages.

Owned by The Stallion Company this stunning 16.3hh bay stallion Bently Van De Heffinck combines the best of modern jump breeding.  His sire line is through Darco and Clinton with Heartbreaker, the classic modern stallion, producing the enormously successful stallion Cornet Obolensky.  Gently Van de Huffinck has already produced a crop of impressive French and Belgian champions.

He not only passes on his talent and powerful conformation but also it is apparently that his youngsters are mentally well able to cope with the pressures of top competition.

Listed by The Stallion Company on Horse Scouts Stallion Listings pages Bently Van De Heffinczk has progeny on Horse Scouts for sale pages

Heartbreaker sibling connections and also horses for sale.

A talented KWPN/Belgian jumping mare who is ready to affiliate can be seen in Ifield with professional producer Elliot Rowe who also has a number of other horses for sale.

Orlando Stallion by Heartbreaker, listed as a Stallion at Stud on Horse Scout; a successful stallion in his own right with proven competition stock. This  copy powerful young stallion has a very reasonably priced fee. Standing with The Stallion Company along side his sibling  HSF Valantino who was hugely successful as a four and five year old, but who, after moving to USA has since died.  British breeders are given the opportunity to take advantage of a limited stock of his semen through The Stallion Company

Another Heartbreaker Stallion Temple Tamability stands for Jack Hopson in Northaw in Nottinghamshire as a Breeders Elite SEIS Stallion was voted by the KWPN as their 2015 Horse Of The Year and is one of the highest ranking stallion in Holland and Belgium.  Not only is he hugely successful on the international circuit but his progeny are also very successful.

Horses for Sale by Heartbreaker listed on Horse Scout

 Broodmare for sale by Heartbreaker  – Zeth A , and also  a lovely young horse with a lot of talent to show is for sale in East Sussex with Elliot Rowe.



Shaun Mandy, Horse & Hound’s blogger


Shaun Mandy – Horse & Hound blogger, dressage rider and coach talks to Horse scout about his practice.

A colourful character within the world of dressage, Shaun Mandy has been trained by some prolific names in the business. Here he gives us the lowdown of his life with horses and shares his tips on buying, backing and training youngsters.


How did you get into riding?

I grew up on a fruit farm in South Africa with a riding school on the neighbouring farm. Fascinated by horses, I dragged my mum to the school, began riding and never stopped. I was crazy on eventing despite the fact that from the age of 12, my instructor, Hillary (now a lifelong friend) said I’d always end up in dressage!

Have you worked for anyone famous?

I moved to the UK around 15 years ago when I was 17 for a placement at the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy in the New Forest. From there I became a groom for Pippa Funnell and then Olympic gold medallist, Jane Holderness Roddam, at West Kington Stud where I got a lot of experience riding young horses and eventing.

And in the world of dressage?

I was given a horse that had bottled it cross country by the Dutch rider Eddy Stibbe. I then began training with Jenny Loriston-Clarke followed by Pammy Hutton, but the real turning point was when I decided to pack my bags (and my horse, Poppy, and dog, Pringle) and moved to Denmark to train with Hasse Hoffmann, a top trainer and author. I stayed for 18 months often riding around 10 horses a day from youngsters up to Grand Prix level before returning to the UK in 2015. I now train with Peter Storr and rent eight stables at Gainfield Farm, employ a groom and apprentice, and take in horses to produce, alongside competing my own horses.

Tell us a bit about your own horses.

My top horse is Euphoria E (Inky), a Dutch seven-year-old by Uthopia — I own half of him. We’ve just stepped up to advanced medium, came second at Wellington’s Premier League with 68.55% and we are aiming for PSG in the spring. At the regionals, Inky felt awesome in the Medium test getting many 8s, but unfortunately three costly mistakes meant we finished 9th on 67.47% — one judge summed it up well (see pic) just little disappointing when it’s so close to being super!
My other horse, D.I. Dompadour (Poppy), whom I own outright, was also doing advanced medium with the aim of PSG in 2017, until she had colic surgery recently which means she’s out for the rest of the year now. She’s talented but tricky with everything taking a long time — she’s eight years old now.
I also ride another Dutch gelding, a four-year old called Houston V (Huey) by Tango x Goodtimes, and have high hopes for him. We’ve competed in a couple of four-year-old classes and placed third at Hartpury scoring 78.8%. The next step is novice tests and five-year-old classes next year.

Do you buy and sell horses?

I recently went to Germany with Lorain Nixon, who owns Houston to buy two gorgeous three-year-old fillies. One Furstenball x Sandro Hit (Bella) and the other by Vitalis x Florestan 1 (Bonny). I backed both, sold one within a month, but hope to sell the other after doing some four-year-old classes next year.

So what do you look for when buying a youngster?

Natural ability is good to see when you’re buying an unbacked three-year-old or younger — it’s about watching them move loose in a school. I like to see them as natural as possible in their paces so trying to get them not too excited when chasing them around. Attitude is very important to me and a trainable mind. The walk and canter are also important. Looking for a walk with a good overtrack and an uphill canter with active hind leg. For the purpose of selling on, it helps to have well-known breeding using proven dressage sires and grandsires.

And your tips for backing a horse?

Sounds obvious but a horse learns a good habit as quickly it learns a bad one — so make sure you do everything carefully, slowly and correctly.
And if you have an ‘oops’ moment and scare it by doing something a little too quickly, go straight back and repeat it even slower to ensure they are 100% happy, rewarding them for their patience.

We’re envious… you’ve been taught by some highly reputable trainers — give us one tip that stands out in your mind even today.

It has to be a quote from Hasse, from my time with him in Denmark: “Ride with colour”.
It means to have a plan in your mind when you school and to mix things up — it’s easy to just put a horse through it’s paces but think what you are working towards and make it fun.

So you now train horses and riders up to four-star advanced eventers… Any tips you frequently incorporate into your work?

Make sure you change gears frequently when riding, especially in your trot and canter work. Inky can get stuck in a canter and I really need to think of changing the gear three or four times when going down the long side of the arena. It helps Inky tune into my signals but also strengthens by making him take more weight behind.

So what are your future goals, Shaun Mandy?

To continue training horses and riders, get more sponsors and owners onboard, to ride international GP and, eventually, get to the Olympics!

And your thoughts on Horse Scout?

Networking is so important for any rider in order to get and retain sponsors and owners. There hasn’t really been one place that you can do this until now. It’s pretty cool being able to control your own profile and those of your own horses, whether they’re for sale or not.

– If you would like to keep a horse at livery or train with Shaun Mandy, who also takes competition liveries and producing/sales liveries then visit his Yard Profile on Horse Scout and  find more information on the fantastic facilities at Gainfield Farm – Shaun Mandy Dressage 


Music to your ears – Jazz


Horse Scout Bulletin Board:

We have several horses on the “Horses For Sale Pages” at the moment, all with top breeding and three, in particular, are directly related to Elite KWPN Stallion “Jazz”

Grand Prix Keur Stallion Jazz is a foundation stallion of the highest Caliber, reading back through our blogs his name crops up again and again. (click through here to see Horse Scout Listed horses who are related Jazz)

There is a great article about him in #Eurodressage with the telling strap line “Jazz Offspring Bred For The Elite” a direct quote from their article “Described in his approval as honest, reliable, temperamental, Jazz is known as a horse that likes to look at everything yet those who have shared an intimate relationship with a Jazz foal believe that his sensitivity is also his greatest strength. “I love horses by Jazz!” exclaimed Olympic silver medalist Adelinde Cornelissen. “I know they are sharp and can really be quick but in the end that is also their strength!””

The two photos above show a two 4 year olds;

A 16.1hh Danish Warmblood mare by Blue Hors Don Olymbrio (Jazz/ Donnerhall) – With Assouline Dressage Colne Engaine , Essex, is  described as a light moving mare with outstanding temperament and looks.


Based in South Yorkshire a stunning Weltmeyer/Johnson/Jazz  4 year old 6.2hh Chestnut Gelding. Would easily make Prix St Geroges/Inter 1, has bags of potential for the future. Simply stunning, and eft him a little longer than normal to grow and develop naturally, is now ready to start an exciting future. Three fabulous paces with big extravagant movement, showing lots of natural elevation with an excellent hind leg and seems very balanced.

Also listed is as for sale is a ‘talented beautiful’ stallion listed by Renske Lankreijer from RMC Horses – Zeewolde Holland also by the Jazz X Don schufro




professional show jumping producer Paul George

Professional Show Jumping Producers : Paul George Sports Horses


Professional Show Jumping Producers Paul George Sports Horses are based just within the Devon Borders Near Crediton.

Paul and Karen George and their “team” run a well oiled centre producing both home bred and imported horses for all disciplines.

Professional International Show Jumper Paul George has been producing show jumpers  at top level both Nationally and Internationally for the past 30 years.  His Partner, Karen George has the best of insider knowledge in the horse producing scene having worked with Olympic Show Jumping Legends such as Hans Gunter Winkler and Peter Robeson sourcing the best jumpers through a vast network of breeders and producers on the continent.  With contacts through out Germany and Holland a permanent base in Spain Paul George Sports horses are well placed to keep abreast of the market and use their contacts to find suitable horses for any level of competitive rider.

Paul George Sports Horses For Sale

Looking at the present horses on the yard ready to sell on this yard focuses not only on horses which show talent as jumpers but also consider the breeding of the horses they have for sale; and there are some impressive bloodlines passing through their hands.

What Paul George Sports Horses Can Offer you as Professional Show Jumping Producers

They are also so experienced that they can offer the complete service to customers, leaving each purchaser free to concentrate on the most important part of the purchase….finding a horse which really suits them and what they want to do.  For George Paul Sports Horses the important thing is that your purchase is as hassle free and well matched as possible.  After all your satisfaction is part of their great reputation.

The advantages of working with Professional Show Jumping Producers for Sponsors and Clients.

For Sponsors and owners looking to place horses with Paul George his competition record speaks for itself, with both Silver and Bronze status with the BSJA and quite a following on his instagram and twitter accounts!  For Owners wishing to compete at the top show Nationally and internationally then keeping horses with Paul George Sports Horses really makes sense. Not only does their yard near Lapford have the best of facilities including an all weather gallop and a very smart new horse walker but they compete so regularly overseas and all around the country that travelling would be so simple but also with professionals on site like Paul and Karen George excellent training would be on hand too.