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Help for Heros –Help raise funds


There are so many charitites which need our support. If you are part of a larger horse community why don’t you hold a fund raising event through your local Equestrian centre or at your livery yard.  Or perhaps you are arranging a group lesson or clinic with one of listed Fantastic Trainers on Horse Scout, if so maybe everyone could pay just a little extra into the pot ato be donated to support a charity like Horseback UK.

HorseBack UK is a charity which has been created to provide a safe and secure environment to aid those serving, or those who have served in the UK armed forces.

Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment to aid the recovery of servicemen and women who have suffered either physical or mental injuries as a result of their commitment to their country. Their aim is to ease the integration of serving personnel and veterans back into the community, inspiring a meaningful and rewarding future.

For the soldiers who come to the centre the initial emphasis is on learning the basics, caring for the horses and building a bond of trust with them. Once that trust is established, the groundwork starts. This builds confidence in gentle increments, so that by the time the participants graduate to riding, they are completely at ease with their horse, and can go through obstacle courses and out on trail rides through the Deeside hills.

For those who return to active service after being injured, the emphasis is on building strength, confidence and capability. It is simply a different approach to help servicemen and women in their journey back to full fitness, both in body and mind. For veterans, HorseBack acts as a bridge from the military to the civilian world.

Many of those who attend our courses will have been suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress for years, and may have almost forgotten what normal life is like. For them, the relationship with our horses is a powerful therapeutic tool, as is spending time in the great Scottish outdoors. A remarkable number of our participants stress the powerful effect that being in such a beautiful environment has on them.