Moonraker a Fantaland Stallion Son

Moonraker: Fantaland Stallion Son


Fantaland Stallion Son Moonraker comes 1st at the 4 year Old National Championship, the showcase league for the champions of the future.

Moonraker a (Fantaland) stallion with a future.  With a pedigree which includes a good amount of thoroughbred the quality just shines through.

Moonrakers’ sire Fantaland is a stallion with a breeding line for success in all disciplines, and Moonraker looks set to shine in the show jumping arena.

The 4 Year Old Championships at Stonliegh are judged on flexibility, an even speed and responsiveness to the rider. These young horses also gain points for presentation and their technique and Championship is won on cumulative points.  Despite a slightly enthusiastic first round, and only his second competition on grass,  Carron Nicol was delighted with her lovely young stallion Moonraker, who showed a willing and relaxed approach to his round with a good jumping technique.  Enough to gain him more than a seventy point lead over his nearest contender Galiandra with Adam Botham.

Watching Moonracker school , nine months ago now, he has a lovely freedom in his movement, swinging well through his back in trot, and with an expressive canter, it was great to see him relaxed and working so well at home.  Now, just a few months on he is making a great start to his career.

His Sire, another Carron Nichol stallion, Fantaland is bred to perform.  His pedigree is a list of quality sires each producing successful horses for a range of disciplines, his daughter Fantasia (2011 x Canetty ZvCaretano) was a BEF Higher 1st Premium foal. From what I have seen of his offspring he is breeding true,  and his four year filly x v. Con Air looks fabulous. Fantalands’ sire Lanjonker is an approved AES v.v. Langraf 1 with Fantalands’ dam Fantasia, a showjumping  legend, with £200,00 + in her purse is by Olympic Concorde.

Moonraker certainly has the genetics to breed well and from his performance at Stonleigh he looks set to prove himself as a performance horse.  Whilst he is so young (he had his first season this year) it makes sense to take advantage of a very reasonable stud fee.

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