Finding a good stallion


When choosing a stallion to breed from there are many considerations, from confirmation, character, to performance and grading. The stallions competition results also play a large part in today’s climate, with an abundance of progeny from all disciplines helping to support how well the stud can stamp his stock. Locating quality stallions  can be hard unless you have knowledge and a clear understanding of exactly what you need. Assessing height, and bone you may need and expert or professional to support your decisions . The foreign breed is slowly taking more and more of a role even in eventing. Gone ate the days of the full thoroughbred , now enough blood has been selected and introduced that both gallop and movement is coming through . Contact an experienced individual with an understanding of your requirements, and an eye to see the weaknesses in your mare, or potentially asses the suitability to breed from her at all; with an abundance of outstanding young horses on the market it can often reduce the lottery of breeding by simply buying a correct youngster.