Lets Shout about – RoR Eventing Series – Horsescout has a perfect candidate for the series


RoR supports the retraining of racehorses and there are several Eventing Series.  The RoR Elite Eventing Performance Award in association with British Eventing, the RoR/NTF Retrained Racehorse Event Championship, and the new RoR Grassroots Eventing Series.

Horse Scout has a perfect home-bred ex racehorse candidate for the RoR Eventing Series for sale in Ringwood. Malenfant – £10,000 He has a proven track record: 3rd Larkhill BE100 7th Goring Heath 100. His advert says he is easy to do in all ways, Snaffle Mouth. No Vices. Real Amateurs Dream. Perfect for Grassroots Championships etc

Overview or the RoR Eventing Series

All horses must be registered with RoR and have raced in GB.  Riders also need to register with BE.  A rider does not need to become a full BE member to start with as they are allowed to run on 4 Rider Day Passes per year, after this riders will have to become a BE member. Horses can run on as many Horse Day Passes as required throughout the year.

RoR Grassroots Eventing Series – New for 2015

Former racehorses registered with RoR and raced in GB can qualify for the RoR BE Grassroots Finals in any BE90 or BE100 section throughout the country.  The final will be held at Upton on Thursday 16th July, in two sections, BE90 and BE100 and will both be at Open Classes.

To qualify for the finals, horse and rider combinations must finish within the top 50% of their section with a clear cross country round and less than 16 show jumping faults.

RoR Elite Eventing Performance Award 2015, in association with British Eventing (BE), will offer a first prize of £2,500 and a second prize of £500.

To encourage competition, all previous winners (1st placed horses) will no longer be eligible to win 1st place in the same competition in subsequent years.

Points will be accumulated by British Eventing from their tables for the 2015 season starting in pre-novice BE100 up to advanced, and will be awarded from 1st to 6th place.

To enter for the award, owners or riders simply have to register their horses with RoR and BE (using their racing name please). Provided the horse is eligible, the points will accumulate automatically through the year.

The RoR Retrained Racehorse Event Championship is sponsored by the National Trainers Federation (NTF) and held at Barbury.  All horses must be registered with RoR and have raced in GB.

The Championship is open to any grade of horse and will run as an IN on a specific day during Barbury which takes place from 9th to 12th July 2015.  Entries will be accepted on a first come first accepted basis.  The top 10 will be invited to show jump again on Sunday 12th July for the top money.  Together the sponsors have put up a £6,000 prize-fund for the final.

Contact Barbury Castle at E: holly@barburyhorsetrials.co.uk, T: 01672 516125, W: www.barburyhorsetrials.co.uk