A New yard on Horse Scouts’ lists. Thundry Farm Livery & Training Yard in Elstead, Surry


are you looking for livery in Elstead.  Are you a show jumper who wants to enjoy competing and riding with others from your yard who share the same interests? Would you benefit from an experienced trainer available to coach you at your horses yard?

Horse Scout Blogger has noticed a new yard listing.  It sounds like a great place to go for Showjumping livery n Elstead. This fantastic looking yard is run by Christine Shubrook. Christine has been involved in the world of showjumping for 30 years, as a owner, competitor and now coach. She is a BS Approved UKCC level III (Showjump Specific) coach. She is also a NLP Practitioner for Sport. Christine works with all levels of rider and enjoys coaching amateur riders to bring out the best in them and their horses. Increasing their skill set with clear explanations and exercises to gain understanding, feel, and most of all confidence.

The heart of Christines practice is based on the well being of the horse and a happy partnership between horse and rider.

Looking at their website Thundry Farm Livery & Training Yard is in a dreamy setting and is well kept and has excellent facilities.

The farm, under the daily management of Christine Shubrook, offers a range of services for the competitive horse owner, especially those who due to other commitments are not able to tend to their horse on a regular basis. We are an ideal base for the enthusiastic BS amateur owner/rider.

Christine says: Our aim is to provide a service where you do not have to worry about the wellbeing of your horse. The care of the horses is based on the same formula that we have used for over 20 years for the production of our own competition horses. We have also attained BHS Approval, being assessed as ‘High Commend’, as an independent assessment of the quality of our service. Please call us if you have any questions or would like to visit to discuss your requirements. We have two levels of livery service Complete and Basic. The complete livery service is fully comprehensive and provides everything your horse requires to keep it happy and in peak condition, ready for you to ride. The horses have a work program that allows for a variety of work and turn out to keep them fit but happy and relaxed. The cost of this service includes many things that other ‘full’ livery services omit. Should your horse need any additional attention due to injury, e.g. cold hosing 6 times a day, hand walking, limited turn out, poulticing, we will see that it is done, there are no extra charges for effort required, to meet the full daily needs of your horse, on the yard. This might be sound too good to be true, but you are welcome to visit and talk with other owners about their experiences of keeping horses with us. This service means that you truly don’t need to worry about your horse when you are busy with other things. We really do what we say we do! If you are available to exercise and care for your horse and its kit on a daily basis, 6 days a week, but don’t want the heavy jobs of mucking out or the hassle of ordering feed and shavings, dealing with staff cover, maintaining facilities and other yard duties, then the Basic Livery Service could suit you. You visit your horse once a day, to perform all the necessary tasks to make your horse comfortable, and then are able to leave knowing that someone is going to be watching over your horse, feeding at regularly times and changing rugs as needed. One day a week will we ‘do’ the horse on its day off, giving you a ‘yard free’ day. You will have the advantage of great facilities, on site training, people on hand to cover for routine days off or the odd day you can’t be there, and company to ride with and attend shows.

So if you are looking for livery in the Elstead area I think this great livery and training stables sounds just the place. Click here to find out more about Thundry Farm Livery and Training or to contact Christine directly