Camilla Henderson


Camilla Henderson


Want to reach your potential and control nerves but not sure where to start?


For any rider interested in improving their focus, confidence, mental attitude and sporting performance, there is a series interesting workshops available in the south, which start on Tuesday 17th April. The theme is “Developing Your Peak Performance- The Sport Psychology Masterclass” which will be followed by an Equestrian Focused Pilates workshop. There are three highly accredited professionals speaking: Zoe Taylor, an event rider and The Harlequins Academy Sports Psychologist, Kat Rowley who is the Harlequins First Team Pilates Instructor and one of our Horse Scout advocates, Camilla Henderson.


Camilla Henderson is a former event rider and amateur jump jockey, she is also a highly qualified and chartered sports Sports and Performance Consultant and Psychologist. Most of her time is taken up in her role as Sports Psychology Consultant Manager for Swindon Football Club.Outside of this Camilla runs a private practice seeing individuals of all levels who want to improve their sporting performance and mental attitude. Her clients range in ability age and sporting ambition and she has worked in many areas including golf, tennis, squash, boxing, marathon running and power bike racing and other extreme sports. Equestrian Sport is her main interest and she helps a number of riders in Three day eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Polo and Horse Racing, both amateurs, apprentices and professional jockeys.


The Workshops are completely specific to Equestrian enthusiasts of all abilities. “From happy hackers with fears of falling off to experienced competition riders looking to improve performance” says Camilla. “It is an introduction to sports psychology and how to apply the principles to their riding, in competition and training. Over the course, we will be focusing on the core themes  and issues we see in our job, such as handling competition nerves and pressure, including pressure from parents and others. Also social awareness, prioritizing for success, fear of failure and focusing on the task rather than the outcome.”


The Workshops which start on Tuesday 17th April, will be held at Oaksey House, Lambourn, RG17 8XS the rehabilitation centre for the Injured Jockeys Fund. Tickets cost £45.


Camilla Henderson is just one of many leading practitioners who choose to use Horse Scout to promote their services. To discover what we offer our professional clientele or to find an expert in your area, visit 


written by Ellie Kelly