The Pony Club Supporters Fan Club: Hastoe Hill Stables


How Fantastic: Hastoe Hill Stables Going all out to support The Pony Club

Horse scout Blogger spotted that Hastoe Hill Stables has its own Pony Club Club especially to help their Kids count up their badges at their BHS Approved Equestrian Centre. Cool.

At Hastoe Hill Stables we run a pony Club centre for all our younger clients. The Pony Club scheme allows children to learn important topics and achieve badges and progressive tests. Our pony club is split into three groups:

FALABELLA – For children under the age of 10 years, who have never done pony club before. In the falabella sessions we focus on the basic of horse care, working towards mini achievement badges in grooming and pony behavior.

MINI – For children under the age of 10 years, who ride in our lead rein and beginner group lessons. In Mini sessions we focus on being comfortable around the ponies and knowing how to look after, feed, groom and care for the ponies. We also work towards mini achievement badges and the bronze progressive award.

JUNIOR – For children over the age of 10 years, who ride in our novice and intermediate group lessons. In Junior sessions we focus on the big achievement badges, like Mucking Out, Grooming and Handling and Saddlery. We also work towards both the bronze and silver progessive awards.

SENIOR – For teenagers, who ride in our novice and intermediate group lessons. In the senior sessions we focus on some of the more advance badges such as Equine first aid and native british breeds.

We really try to make the sessions as fun as possible, we also offer special pony club activities throughout the summer holidays, such as jumping clinics, pony camps and extra badge sessions.


1.   Choose a group:

FALABELLA – for first time members who have never been on one of our pony club courses who attend lead-rein and beginner groups. Also members must be under the age of 10 years.

MINI – for members who have attended our pony club courses before and who attend lead-rein and beginner group lessons. Also members must be under the age of 10 years.

JUNIOR – for members in our beginner and novice group lessons, who are above the age of 10 years.

SENIOR – for our teenaged members in our novice, intermediate and advanced lessons.


All our Current Pony Club members can stay in the same level groups for the Spring/Summer term.

2.     Choose your time:

FALABELLA – Sunday at 14:30 half hour sessions

MINI –   Wednesday at 17:15 or Sunday at 10:30 half hour sessions

JUNIOR – Saturday at 10.30am or Saturday at 14:30pm 45minute sessions

SENIOR – Friday at 18:15 45minute sessions

Please make a note of all the dates which the course will run on:

WEEK 1 6th May 8th May 9th May 10th May
WEEK 2 13th May 15th May 16th May 17th May
WEEK 3 3rd June 5th June 6th June 7th June
WEEK 4 10th June 12th June 13th June 14th June
WEEK 5 17th June 19th June 20th June 21st June
WEEK 6 24th June 26th June 27th June 28th June
WEEK 7 1st July 3rd July 4th July 5th July
WEEK 8 8th July 10th July 11th July 12th July

3.     Sign Up:

Please make sure that you are a member of the Pony Club organisation, if not please look on our links page for a downloadable copy of the membership form. Click through here to Hastoe Hill Riding stables. The cost of the course includes all 8 sessions and the handbooks & workbooks as well as the badges recieved at the end:

12th July at 15:30 Badge Presentation.